How do I Find my Perfect Match Online?

Hillary Flynn

To some, the phrase "find my perfect match online" is an oxymoron, but there is no denying that though the internet has sometimes received a bad reputation in the context of dating, online romance has changed the structure of dating forever. Technology has, in fact, brought many happy couples together. For those who wish to give this innovative dating platform a go, there are a few things to keep in mind when searching for that perfect match.

Many dating services match people using shared interests.
Many dating services match people using shared interests.

First, one must learn to identify those who view the internet as the "fast food" of the dating world. The internet dating crowd can generally be divided into two groups. First, there is the group of people who are seeking lasting relationships and long-term companionship. The second group is comprised of those who are not necessarily interested in a relationship, but enjoy casual dating and use online dating services to meet lots of people and make lots of dates.

Online dating sites may be geared to help people with similar backgrounds find each other.
Online dating sites may be geared to help people with similar backgrounds find each other.

There is certainly nothing wrong with falling under either category, but for those who wish to meet their perfect match, it's generally a good idea to stay away from daters in the second group. If perusing the various dating sites and certain folks seem to belong to every one, chances are they are in the latter category. Another tip off is the dater who tries to set up a date after only a couple of electronic communications. Taking the time to get to know one another before meeting is a key indicator that both parties are legitimately interested in something long term.

Site selection is probably one of the biggest decisions. There are always exceptions, but perfect matches are more likely to be found on paid sites with good reputations such as Eharmony and Match. The free sites tend to attract people who are looking for some fun and not necessarily interested in anything serious. It's easy to hop on a free site, create a profile, and abuse the anonymity of the internet to play. Paying for the use of a site indicates a commitment to the process.

If truly desiring a perfect match, the golden rule is to tell the truth! It is common practice to view profile creation as a marketing exercise, and many, many online daters take "liberties" with governmental standards on weights and measures. Yes, it's important to be confident and reveal best attributes, but outright fibbing is pointless for long-term relationship seekers. Perfect matches are not born from false claims, because all will eventually be revealed. Stick to an honest, forthright assessment of strengths and weaknesses. This will always guaranty the best outcome.

Lastly, be safe! Don't give out phone numbers or addresses, and always meet dates in a public location. Tell a friend where you will be and who you are meeting, and remember there is nothing wrong with a little online investigating. You're on the internet...use it! And finally, keep in mind that there is really no such thing as a "perfect" match. Take time to really get to know a date, and don't get rid of anyone over a minor issue. He or she might have fabulous attributes that outweigh those little things, and it takes time to delve below all the layers.

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I personally know people who met online, and ended up in great relationships. However, it is crucial that you be careful as you try to find that special someone online. Many people simply do not live up to what they present themselves to be online. The best way to find out for sure is to talk frequently by phone once you have met someone you think you like. Keep the conversation as light as possible. This way you will get to know the person better without leading him or her on. Then, if you decide to meet in person, do it in a very public place.

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