How do I Find a Plumbing Apprenticeship?

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A plumbing apprenticeship is an opportunity to work with a certified plumber as a trainee. Apprenticeships are the time-honored method of training in all the skilled trades, ranging from plumbers to electrician. An apprenticeship is paid, work experience that provides the initial opportunity to gain the required experience for a new career in plumbing.

In order to become a licensed plumber, there are a certain number of hours of work placement that must be completed. It is important to read the details of the licensing requirements in your state. Almost all states require the apprenticeship to be served under a journeyman plumber. A journeyman is a licensed plumber who has a minimum of five years of work experience.

There are three ways to find a plumbing apprenticeship: trade school, trade association and job postings. All three methods require a specific amount of educational training as a plumber. There are wide ranges of options available to enter this growing field.

A trade school or technical college provides a complete program for becoming a plumber. This is typically a two-year education program with the plumbing apprenticeship arranged for you by the school. The program is structured with multiple apprenticeship opportunities at different stages of your training program. This option provides more opportunities to learn new skills and to apply your training in the field.


Plumbers have a trade association that many plumbers join. This is a voluntary association and provides a wealth of networking opportunities. There are also scheduled meetings to discuss trends within the plumbing industry. Presentations are often arranged to provide information about new developments in the field of plumbing.

These types of association often have a list of licensed plumbing firms that are accepting new apprentices. Post your name on the list of apprentices that are looking for a position. Be prepared for a standard job interview by the plumbing firm for this type of position. Have your resume ready and be able to speak about your education in plumbing.

Look at the classified ads posted in your area to find opportunities for plumbing apprenticeship. These opportunities are often posted in the general labor or student section. Think about the level of skill that you have in plumbing and look at this as an opportunity to expand your skills.

Remember to keep track of the hours that you work as an apprentice and follow through with the evaluation reports that are required by the plumbing licensing board. It is important to get the correct forms and signatures when you are working as an apprentice. It is more difficult to be accurate about the dates and times if you try to complete the forms a few months after completing your job placement.


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