How do I Find a Market for Landscape Photography?

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Earning money as a professional photographer takes talent, patience, and determination. Creative individuals will find the rewards to be well worth the effort, however. There are many markets for landscape photography that can help you turn your passion for capturing breathtaking images into a new career.

To earn some extra cash as you build your portfolio, begin posting your favorite images on some of the many online stock photography Web sites. These sites offer low-priced image downloads for people to use on their Web sites or printed publications. You won't make much money for each sale, but images can be sold multiple times. Since the stock photo service will handle all the billing and downloading for you, this is a great source of passive income for your photography business.

Newspapers, magazines, and Web sites often have opportunities available for freelance photographers with an interest in landscape and nature photography. While you're unlikely to break into National Geographic on your first try, smaller publications can give you a chance to earn extra money while polishing your photo skills. Most publications won't be looking for random images, however. Instead, you'll be expected to shoot pictures that appropriately illustrate a particular story.


Contacting your local Chamber of Commerce may be useful in your search for landscape photography markets. If your images feature prominent local landmarks, the group may want to use them on their Web site or in newsletters, brochures, promotional calendars, and other marketing materials. Since photographers are traditionally paid according to how their images are used, make a contract describing what rights you are planning to sell for each photo.

If you enjoy entrepreneurship in addition to photography, you may want to create your own products featuring your images. Calendars, posters, mouse pads, note cards, and t-shirts are just some of the many items you can make featuring your favorite landscape photos. Sell them online or sell them via a cooperative arrangement with a store in your community. Even though this approach will take more time than other ways of finding a market for landscape photography, you'll have a much greater earning potential.

Contests, while not a traditional market for landscape photography, can be a good way to earn cash and camera equipment. Contest winners often have their work published, which can be a helpful addition to your resume as you seek out other photography opportunities. Just keep in mind that contests are highly competitive; failing to win one particular contest should not be taken as a sign your career is doomed.


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Post 4

We have received a subscription to National Geographic for many years. There is something about the photos in this magazine that are as interesting as the articles.

I always wondered how someone became a successful photographer for a magazine like this. I am sure it was many years of determination and hard work. Most of them probably started out small in a local market and grew from there.

I also think it would be exciting to travel to different parts of the world and capture the landscape through the lens of your camera. When it is done right, you can look at the photo and feel like you are right there.

Post 3

When I am looking at prints in a store or gallery, I am always drawn to black and white landscape photography that is done well.

While I also love landscape prints that have bright, beautiful color, there is something about the black and white prints that makes me stop and look twice. The contrast between the light and dark is always an eye catcher.

I am not a photographer, but enjoy looking at quality prints and photos. I also enjoy having prints in my home that include local landscapes and sites that are familiar to me.

I know a photographer who started out selling his prints locally, and slowly his business expanded to all parts of the country. Many times if someone likes the style of a particular photographer, they will continue to purchase more of their prints.

Post 2

I have more than a hundred photos featured on a few different stock photo websites. The competition can be pretty stiff on these sites as there are thousands of quality photos.

I was never expecting this to be a big money maker, but it does give me some exposure, and you never know when someone is going to fall in love with your photographs.

I also have some of my landscape photography prints on display at a local coffee cafe. The owner of this cafe has an area where local artists can display their products and contact information.

I have received more business from this than the online sites, and this is very satisfying and exciting when someone sees my work in a coffee shop and wants to purchase more of my prints.

Post 1

Contacting the Chamber of Commerce is a great tip that I would have never thought of. Our daughter is a very talented photographer, and she has always enjoyed doing nature landscape photography.

Each year she enters some of her photos in our state fair competition and I don't think she has ever received anything less than a blue ribbon.

She would love to find a way to get paid for some of her work, and I think the Chamber of Commerce would be a great place to start. She already has several great photographs of local landscape, and has a great portfolio already in place where she can showcase her talent.

I know this is something where you have so start out small and build slowly, but everyone has to start somewhere.

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