How do I File for Divorce Online?

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While it is sometimes possible to file for divorce online, at least part of the process is usually accomplished offline. You may file online via a legal website that uses information you provide to compile the required divorce forms. Some courts may also allow you to start the process online via their filing systems but then require you to print and mail a signature page or a group of forms. Alternatively, you may hire a lawyer to file your divorce and handle the bulk of your communications online. He will, however, usually mail divorce forms to you for your approval and signature.

One way to file for divorce online is through an online legal program. There are some online legal programs that consist of online questionnaires and interviews you have to complete to provide details required as part of the divorce process. The answers you provide are used to create printed forms you'll file with a local court system.

Depending on the online legal program you choose, you may be instructed to print the divorce forms after the online interview process is complete. You will typically have to sign these forms and mail them to the divorce court in your area. Other programs, however, may compile the forms you need and mail them to you. In such a case, you may sign the forms, make a copy of them for your records, and then submit the forms to the divorce court in your area.


In some places, court systems may allow you to file for divorce online or at least start the process. In such a case, a divorce court usually provides a system into which you can enter the information required for filing a divorce. You may then have to print the required forms from the court’s website, sign them, and submit them to the court. In other cases, you may submit many of the forms online but then print and sign a signature form and submit it to the court.

Some lawyers may also provide forms you can use to file for divorce online. In most cases, however, these online forms are used to submit information to a lawyer, who will then go on to file the divorce on your behalf. Typically, you will have to print and sign some of the forms necessary for filing a divorce using an online lawyer. In other cases, however, a lawyer may prepare all the forms you need using the information you provide to him online and then mail the forms to you for review and signing.


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