How Do I File a Birth Control Lawsuit?

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The first step in filing a birth control lawsuit is taking some time to evaluate why you want to sue and whether or not you have a case. For example, you may want to sue because you have suffered a severe adverse reaction to a particular type of birth control. To successfully pursue a birth control lawsuit, you will likely need to start with a clear view of how the birth control harmed you and what sort of compensation you want. You may also evaluate your chances of proving that birth control harmed you when deciding whether or not to pursue a lawsuit.

The more evidence you have that you were harmed by birth control, the greater the likelihood that you will win a birth control lawsuit. As such, you may do well to collect as much documentation as possible. For instance, you’ll need to establish when you began to take the birth control, where you purchased it, and who prescribed it for you. You’ll also need the name of the birth control and the dosage you were taking. Additionally, you will likely need any documentation you have about the adverse effects of the birth control, including doctor reports, payment receipts, and witness statements.


After you’ve gathered basic documentation, you may then look for a lawyer to help you. It will likely be difficult to prove your birth control case without an attorney. The defendant in such a case, usually a drug company, is likely to have skilled lawyers on its side. To have the best chance of winning your case, you will also need a skilled lawyer who preferably has experience dealing with these types of lawsuits. If you cannot find a lawyer who has experience with birth control cases, you may instead look for one who has experience with drug lawsuits and medical malpractice cases.

When you are searching for a lawyer to handle your case, you may have a difficult time choosing. Many of the lawyers you consider may seem a good fit for your case. You can use free consultations and legal client reviews to choose well. Peer review websites may also prove helpful.

To begin a birth control lawsuit, your lawyer will have to file a complaint against the birth control company in court. The complaint will typically include the details of why you are suing and the damages you are seeking in the case. Based on the required procedure in your jurisdiction, you will typically have to provide the defendant with a copy of the complaint so that the drug company can prepare its case. Both your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer will then have to show up on the appointed date to argue the case.


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