How do I Ensure Garage Door Security?

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Garage doors are heavy sectional doors that are made from either steal or wood. These doors are opened and closed based on a cable pulley mechanism that uses a spring loaded coil to support the weight of the door. There are many techniques that can be used for garage door security. These include locks, door openers, alarms, and dead bolts. The security measures can be combined, which will make them practically impenetrable.

A lock is a simple garage door security device. This lock is typically designed with a steel bar that is connected to the frame area of the door. Most garage doors include a long steel bar that interlocks both sides of the door frame to the door. When the door lock is engaged, the steel bar is placed through small holes within the door frame. This is similar to the dead bolt action of a standard door.

A steel door provides added garage door security because it is made from heavier material. This type of door is difficult to infiltrate because of the dense material. Most steel doors require added coil springs to support lifting. Due to the additional weight, these doors are nearly imposable to lift without the coil springs.


The garage door opener is a modern convenience that enables garage doors to be opened automatically. This feature also provides additional garage door security. A door opener requires the door to be pulled by a chain or screw-drive. This mechanism locks the door onto a special guide-rail that forces the door to be locked into position. The only method of lifting a garage door with an automatic opener is either unlocking the guide-rail device or using the garage door remote opener.

A door alarm is a garage door security technique that uses electronics and sirens as a deterrent. There are many types of alarms available for garage doors. These range form complex motion detectors with video surveillance, to simple magnetic latch alarms. Choosing an alarm system typically depends on the budget of the homeowner and the objectives of the alarm system.

A garage door light is a common security device that enables the homeowner to see the garage area surroundings before he enters into it. Most automatic garage doors include a overhead light that is automatically illuminated when the door is opened. This light provides surrounding security because it enables the homeowner to see any potential intruders before he enters into the garage area.


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