How do I Earn Flagger Certification?

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A flagger is a person who has the job of directing and controlling traffic around a construction site or other type of work zone. If a work team is blocking a lane on a road, for example, a flagger is supposed to direct traffic to ensure the safety of not only those on the work team, but also those driving in the area. In most places, a person who wants to become a flagger has to seek flagger certification. This usually involves earning a high school diploma or its equivalent, completing approved flagger training, and passing a certification exam.

The exact requirements a person has to fulfill to earn flagger certification may depend on the laws of his particular jurisdiction. To learn the requirements in his area, a person may contact his jurisdiction's department of transportation, traffic safety association, or a similar agency. Generally, however, a person interested in this certification will need to take training classes to learn how to use signals, signs, flags, cones, protective equipment, and barriers in order to ensure safety and direct traffic. A person interested in flagger certification may also need to learn how to use electronic warning signs to ensure safety and two-way radios to communicate with others on a work site. Flagger training classes may also cover information about such things as dealing with emergency situations and liability issues.


People who are seeking flagger certification may find training classes through government agencies and union training facilities. Depending on where the prospective flagger lives, he may also find flagger certification training through vocational training organizations. In some cases, a person may even be able to obtain flagger certification online. A person who is seeking flagger certification should check with his local authority to make sure a training class is approved before enrolling in one. If he enrolls in a program that is not approved, he may not be eligible for certification.

The training required for flagger certification is usually relatively short, and a person may only need a few hours to complete an entire course. For example, a person may enroll in a flagger training workshop that requires just four hours to complete. The first half hour may be reserved for checking into the workshop and perhaps a short introduction. Then, training participants may receive instruction for about three hours before being asked to complete a flagger exam that last for about a half hour. Upon completion of the training workshop and passing the exam, an individual typically receives certification.


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