How do I Earn a Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification?

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A Senior Professional in Human Resources certification is a credential a person in the human resources field may pursue. This certification is intended to demonstrate that a person has a particular level of experience and knowledge in human resource management as well as a commitment to high standards. To earn a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification, a person must typically gain relevant experience and pass an examination. Certification requirements may change at any time, however, so an individual seeking this credential should visit the HR Certification Institute's website to find up-to-date requirements.

The Senior Professional in Human Resources certification is provided by an organization called the HR Certification Institute. This organization provides certification in nearly 80 different countries. In addition to the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification, the HR Certification Institute offers the Professional in Human Resources and Global Professional in Human Resources certifications. Many in the field highly esteem these certifications. Those who hold them have not only passed tests of their knowledge of human resource policies and practices, but also have practical experience to back up their knowledge.


An individual who wants to earn the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification has to meet certain eligibility requirements. In most cases, a person will need at least two years of professional-level experience in humans resources to be eligible for this certification. Generally, this means the person must have experience in a leadership capacity or with creative or original projects that require the use of advanced-level human resources knowledge. The experience doesn't have to be consecutive, though recent experience may help a person to be better prepared for the test.

After a person gains the experience he needs to earn the Senior Professional in Human Resources certification, he'll then need to pass an exam that consists of 225 questions and lasts for four hours. It covers six different human resources topics, including strategic management, workforce planning and employment, human resource development, and other related subjects.

The Senior Professional in Human Resources certification exam isn't given throughout the year. Instead, individuals who want to take it have two windows available to them. They can take the exam from May to June or from December to January of each year. The exams are computer based, and a person must apply to take the certification exam at a testing location in his area or in a location he's willing to travel to. The HR Certification Institute has test centers around the world.


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