How do I Earn a CPR Recertification?

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CPR recertification is often required on a yearly basis, though some companies and organizations offer longer lasting certifications. The type of recertification should be based on the needs of the individual and the requirements of the company or organization that he or she is employed by. Health care workers should check with their employer to learn of specific requirements for CPR recertification.

In the United States, the American Red Cross as well as the American Heart Association tend to be the starting points for people seeking CPR recertification courses. Both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association are well-respected and set the standards for CPR training and certification. Because there are so many different types of courses offered by both organizations, it is important to know which recertification is needed. CPR recertification classes are available for health care workers, business owners, employees who must meet OSHA requirements, and individuals who want to be recertified for various reasons.

Another well respected resource for finding CPR recertification courses is the American Safety and Health Institute, or ASHI. The ASHI works with government entities, health care companies and organizations, and with individuals who seek CPR training. Courses vary by location, and by the needs of individuals.


Many private companies offer CPR recertification, which are completely legitimate as long as their training classes align with the requirement of the American Red Cross or the ASHI. Before signing up for a CPR recertification through a private company, be sure to check their credentials and ensure that your company or organization will accept the recertification.

CPR training can be obtained from Red Cross organizations around the globe, such as the Australian Red Cross or the Canadian Red Cross. Private companies also offer courses, and individuals should be sure that the recertifcation meets the requirements of their employer. Ideally the courses will meet Red Cross or health care standards.

A new and growing trend in recertification is online training. A number of different companies around the world offer CPR training and recertification through a blended course of online and on-site testing. Group rates are often offered, allowing businesses and organizations to conveniently train people and recertify at their site. The online video training is approved and recognized by many different emergency systems.

American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Medic First Aid, or ASHI training professionals can evaluate a person or group of people who complete the online video CPR recertification to ensure that all of the skills are accomplished. The online training requires that students hold a certification from Red Cross, American Heart Association, American Safety Council, Medic First Aid, or ASHI. Recertification generally provides a person with a two year certification.


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