How Do I Do Yoga for Cellulite?

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Performing yoga for cellulite reduction is a matter of learning the correct poses and exercising on a regular schedule. Certain poses, such as the standing forward bend, work especially well in eliminating cellulite by targeting the most common areas in which these fatty deposits accumulate: the thighs and buttocks. Individuals should learn the poses that stretch and strain these problem areas, as the exercises tone the muscles, burn fat, and improve lymph circulation, making getting rid of cellulite a much easier task. Experts stress, however, that doing yoga for cellulite is not enough on its own; in order to completely eliminate visible cellulite from the body, individuals need to supplement the yoga poses with regular cardiovascular exercise and a balanced diet.

The combination of body balancing, breathing, and stretching makes doing yoga for cellulite a solid fitness and beauty regimen due to the boost it provides to an individual's lymph circulation; many researchers have found that cellulite accumulates in the body as a result of impaired lymph flow. Lymph circulation improves, however, with increased breathing and skeletal movement, making yoga workouts an ideal natural cellulite-reduction method.


In order to make the most out of doing yoga for cellulite, exercisers should familiarize themselves with exercises that directly impact the areas in which cellulite is most visible. The chair pose is an example of a good cellulite workout — individuals begin the pose by putting their feet close together, with the big toes touching. Exercisers should then bend their knees and lower their hips until they appear to be sitting in an invisible chair, all the while taking about eight deep breaths. For added resistance, individuals can raise their arms upwards in front of them. This pose focuses a lot of the workout onto the two cellulite problem areas; exercisers can consult yoga instructors for tips on performing other poses with a similar impact.

Once an exerciser masters a good number of poses, she can develop a regular yoga for cellulite routine. The number of poses recommended for the routine is variable, as long as the entire workout lasts for at least 20 minutes. In order to get the best results, individuals perform this routine every two days, along with a daily cardiovascular exercise routine that lasts at least 30 minutes. If individuals need to get rid of cellulite quickly, the exercise should be supplemented with a healthy low-fat diet.


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