How do I do a Parasite Flush?

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There are many different ways to perform a parasite flush. Current parasite cleanse techniques often use the same herbs that were used hundreds of years ago. The two basic ways to do a parasite cleanse are the kit method and the do-it-yourself method. Both types use herbs and foods that cleanse the body of parasites and their eggs.

The kit method is the alternative to the do-it-yourself method, where you gather all of the parasite-killing herbs and supplements yourself and research the proper dosages. The kit method is much more straightforward with ingredients and instructions, and despite being more convenient, it is also usually less costly than the do-it-yourself parasite cleanse.

The do-it-yourself parasite flush is pretty simple. A parasite cleanse can be done alongside a regular diet by making sure you include foods and herbs known to flush parasites. You can do this by including pineapple or papaya with breakfast and fresh steamed vegetables with lunch and dinner. Be generous with garlic when cooking your meals and try to include one tablespoon of flax seed per day.


Between meals, try snacking on foods that are known to rid the body of parasites. Wormwood or black walnut hull as a tincture or herbal tablet can be found in most health food stores or online and is a great supplementation to your parasite flush because it kills adult and developing parasites. Cloves are also helpful because they kill parasite eggs. Pumpkin seeds, blackberries, and pomegranate juice are all also great snacks for an anti-parasite diet.

There are many kit method parasite flushes on the market. One of these types of parasite flush is Dr. John Christopher's wormwood and molasses treatment. This is another cleanse in which you can eat regular meals. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, on an empty stomach, eat one tablespoon of powdered wormwood and one tablespoon of molasses mixed together. This should be done for three to six days and finished the last day by taking a strong laxative. The laxative will help clear the bowels of remaining parasites or eggs.

Colon cleansing is also an effective kit method parasite flush. The theory is that parasites cannot survive in a clean colon, as there is nothing left for them to feed on. There are a wide variety of colon cleansing products available on the market. The Colonix Program with Paranil and KleriTea is one of these products, which offers a complete cleansing kit and instructions. This cleanser comes with a psyliium husk powder that pushes toxins out of the colon. The Paranil gets rid of parasites, and the KleriTea promotes bowel movements to speed the process along.

A great way to avoid parasite-related illnesses is to do a parasite flush once a year and stay healthy. You can get parasites from all kinds of activities, including getting parasites that live in the air and dust by walking. A strong immune system is the best defense against parasite infestation, but it is no guarantee. If you have pets, travel, or walk barefoot often, you are at a high risk for contracting a parasite and should do a parasite cleanse two or three times a year.


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Post 3

I don't believe the so-called experts who claim that everyone has parasites and that everyone needs to do parasite cleanses. They are just trying to make money. If you have symptoms of parasites, see your doctor and take what he prescribes. If you don't have symptoms of parasites, you are probably just fine. Don't waste your money and put your health at risk with random parasite flush kits.

Post 2

I used a parasite flush kit last year. It worked quite well. I experienced better energy and health after the flush. So I think I must have had something. I'm getting ready to do another parasite flush this year. This time, I might prepare the herbs myself. I've been doing some reading on the varies parasite flush recipes and most seem fairly easy.

I've been hearing great things about black cumin seeds and black cumin seed oil. It's supposed to treat just about anything and is said to be a wonderful ingredient for a parasite flush.

Post 1

I don't feel that it's safe to use some of these parasite flush tinctures. I've heard that they can have side effects and should be used under doctor supervision.

But the herbs, foods and spices, I can definitely use. I knew about garlic and cloves but did not know about pineapple, flax seeds, blackberries and pomegranate juice. This sounds like a very delicious way to clean the body of parasites. I'm adding them to my shopping list.

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