How do I do a Chakra Cleanse?

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Chakras are the seven energy centers of the body, with the first at the base of the spine and the seventh at the top of the head. Various issues in your life can cause energy to become trapped and stagnate within these centers. A chakra cleanse allows you to clean out your entire energy system and realign it for optimum health and well being. You can perform your own chakra cleanse through meditation and visualization.

You should practice your meditation and visualization skills before undertaking a chakra cleanse. Most chakra cleansing methods require you to sit in still meditation for at least 10 minutes. Being able to clearly visualize a ball of white light will also help you prepare for a chakra cleanse. Fasting or bathing may help you focus but, for health reasons, fasting should be avoided by people with blood sugar issues.

Begin your chakra cleanse by finding a comfortable, quiet location where you will not be interrupted. Sit or lie in a position that is comfortable but won't allow you to fall asleep. Soft music designed for meditation may help you stay focused, or you can use one of the many guided meditations available for chakra cleansing.


The easiest method for balancing chakras is to visualize each of the seven centers in turn, starting with the base chakra, and filling it with bright white light until it feels empty and light. By visualizing your chakras as circles or orbs in the appropriate colors, you may be able to sense or see the unwanted energy causing a block. Even if you can't, visualizing the white light will remove any accumulated energy.

Some people find it difficult to start at the base chakra and move up. If that doesn't work for you, you can also visualize the white ball of light coming down from the sky and entering through the crown chakra. Alternative methods include imagining tree roots sprouting from your spine and releasing energy into the earth, or a whirlwind of white light that blows away any energy blockages.

You may feel lightheaded or tired after a chakra cleanse. Eating, taking a short walk or even napping can help you become grounded again. Examine your chakras regularly through visualization to check for any new energy buildup. If you are experiencing constant negative energy blockages, you may need to change something in your life that is causing stress or undergo testing for health issues.


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