How do I Design a Ring?

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To design a ring, you should decide what style of ring you want to create. For instance, you could design a man's ring, a woman's ring, a fashion ring, or an elegant diamond engagement ring. If you are not sure of the ring size you'll require, you can take a measurement using a strip of paper, a marker, and a ruler. You may also want to get some creative ideas by speaking with an experienced jeweler or doing some research.

Some people prefer to design a ring to commemorate a special event or occasion. A graduation style ring may be a nice gift or project for a student. You'll need to do a little research into the styles available for your school. The shape of the stone you use may be round, rectangular, oval, or another shape, such as princess cut. You'll also need to determine which metal you'd prefer for your ring.

You also much choose a finish for the ring. These may be smooth or satin finish, or may involve some type of intricate design on the band. Also, consider personalizing your ring for individuality. You can have your ring engraved with a name, initials, or a short phrase.


Regardless of the type of ring you design, you may wish to add a precious or semi-precious stone. Some popular choices are emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Amethysts and opals are also popular. In addition to the metal and stones used, you need to decide whether you want a wide or narrow band.

When you decide to design a ring, you may want to make a rough copy on paper of what you want your ring to look like. You don't require artistic ability to make your ideas come to life on paper. Simply make a sketch of any designs you have in mind and the setting you would like your ring to have. You'll want to show the copy to the jeweler who will customize your ring. You may need to locate a jeweler who specializes in customized jewelry.

Some rings you may consider designing are more complicated to create than others. For instance, if you wish to design a ring that is a custom made mother's ring, it may require several stones, depending upon how many children are represented. Typically, the stones will represent each of the mother's children. The chosen stones generally correspond with each child's birthstone. This type of ring is often engraved.


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