How do I Delete Internet History?

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Many computer users want to maintain their web surfing privacy, and accomplishing this is as simple as finding the right way on your computer to delete your Internet history. Whether hiding sites from a nosy roommate, parent, girlfriend or boyfriend, deleting files and clearing your history will help give you the privacy to do your own research, indulge in your own entertainment, or keep secret a gift or vacation idea for a loved one.

To delete your Internet history is as simple as clearing files from your Internet browser and your computer memory, and will keep other users from checking your searches. It may not, however, erase your actions from your computer entirely, as many computers come equipped with specialized chips that track your actions internally, but are difficult to access by anyone but experts. Erasing your Internet history, though, will keep your search engines from remembering past searches. Once letters are typed into your browser, with your history erased, no past sites visited will reappear.

The first step to delete Internet history in Internet Explorer is to go to the Tools menu. From here, select the Internet Options tab. Next, in the Personal Information section, select Auto Complete and click Clear Forms. To disable this feature so you will not have to delete it in the future, uncheck the Auto Complete box. This will prevent your computer from remembering past searches and past websites.


With a Firefox browser, select Tools > Options > Privacy > Saved Form Information > Clear. On the Google toolbar, find the icon that looks like a tool — often a screw or screwdriver — and either select the Clear Search History option or click the box next to Drop Down Search History. Other browsers have similar methods, usually in the tools section and often under the headings privacy, history, searches, or personal information.

To delete more of the history from your computer, find the partition or memory tab in your computer folder. This will be the folder that stores all of the files on your computer. Under programs, documents or files, you will find a tab for your Internet browser. This browser will hold HTML links to all of your previously visited sites. To delete, simply right click and delete these files or drag them to the recycle bin and permanently erase them.

Other methods of keeping private your Internet searches — from things like search subpoenas — are to use sites called proxies that mix your searches with hundreds of others. These sites create what is called search noise, and makes your individual search virtually untraceable. While not exactly a way to delete you Internet history, this method ensures your searches do not even show up. Other programs can be bought or downloaded to remove your history automatically, and they will prompt you with easy to follow deleting methods once installed.


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Post 6

How can we really be "invisible" on the internet by only cleaning out cookies and use proxies?

We can't, because every damn browser has a UID, further on, in particular, anyone inside USA, or browsing a website whose server is located in USA will be tapped by NSA and the data is stored indefinitely.

Just look at this site alone. When we visit Wisegeek, we are also in contact with other sites.

Chrome is one of the worst browsers when seen from a privacy point of view, but Firefox since Google got involved isn't much better. There are tons of "phone home" stuff inside the browser, such as "safebrowsing", yeah. You really need it?

The fear mongering among the Mozilla

people is absolutely ridiculous. As soon as you visit their support page, they jump on the monkey button as soon as you do and tell you that you don't have the latest browser (with the latest security holes and other new "wonder features" pinging home).

If you know a little bit, then even an old and "outdated" browser is safe to use, period!

Post 4

Depending on the type of operating system that you are using as well as the version and company who made your web browser software, the leading Internet history can be a difficult task. There certain browsers and companies that make their software designed so it is easier to delete this sensitive data from your personal computer. Sees companies obviously value the quality and sensitivity of your personal information.

For other systems and other types of software that did not make it is easy, you should consult the Internet into a basic search to be able to look up instructions in detailed step-by-step information on how to delete your Internet history folder. Be sure to follow these steps directly and without fail otherwise serious harm to your operating system can occur. Also be sure that the tutorial that you are using to complete this process is hosted by a legitimate website with nothing but consumer interest in mind.

Post 3

To me it is very concerning when I come into my personal computer and I find the history deleted. It means a few different things and one of which is very disturbing. Either my wife or my kids are the ones were deleting my Internet history. This very disturbing circumstance is one example of how deleting your Internet history search files can actually cause some trauma in your life.

What is it that someone wants to-and what were they searching for? Often if you become over obsessive and try to judge before you have the facts mistakes can be made and personal relationships can suffer. This was the case with my wife when I thought she deleted all

of the Internet browser history files. She did in fact lead the history, but the reason she did it so she could buy me a birthday present and I couldn't look up what was. Luckily for me this was the end to a little bit of drama but it just goes to show you how important your Internet history browsing habits can be.
Post 2

It is important to know how to delete Internet history from your browser for many reasons. Security of your identity is probably the biggest reason why you should know how to control the Internet privacy settings and browser history on the system that you are using. Often, identity theft occurs when you login using sensitive data on a public computer and do not remove those Internet browsing history or the Internet cache.

If you do not want to risk having your identity stolen than simply do not use public computers but even then it might be a good idea from time to time to clear the Internet browsing history on your home or personal computer.

Post 1

Like to get rid of their browsers Internet history because of privacy concerns, I actually like to keep mine intact. The reason for this is if I end up losing a bookmark to a very cool website I can go back in my history status and look at what the website address was. Keeping your Internet history is a very useful tool for many reasons.

I do not recommend that you delete Internet history files at all and as long as you feel secure about what you're looking at why would you worry? Honestly, most people on the care what kind of porn are looking at that they might care about things that you're breaking the law over so why look suspicious and delete all Internet history from your browser..

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