How Do I Deal with Thinning Hair in the Front?

Madeleine A.

Dealing with thinning hair in the front can be challenging for both men and women, though the condition has different causes, usually depending on a sufferer's gender. If thinning hair is caused by an underlying medical condition, such as hormonal imbalances in women, it can be dealt with by treating the medical problem. Creative styling, including choosing a flattering hairstyle and using the right hair-care products, also can help deal with thinning hair in the front. In some cases, people with thinning hair wear wigs or toupees.

A man with a receding hairline.
A man with a receding hairline.

Thinning hair in the front in women can be the result of hormonal imbalances and medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. In addition to thinning hair in the front, polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause infertility, weight gain, and an oily complexion. Hormone replacement therapy may help in relieving symptoms and improving the appearance of thinning hair.

A man with thinning hair.
A man with thinning hair.

Being creative when hairstyling can hide thinning hair in the front. For example, women who wear bangs can make the hair look fuller at the hairline, and reduce the appearance of thin hair. Wearing a side part can also add fullness to the front of the hairline, where a center or middle part can accentuate a sparse hairline even more. Layers can also flatter the look of thinning hair in the front because the different lengths of the hair add body and texture. Also, layers add height to the front of the hairline and crown, detracting from a thinning hairline.

Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.
Hair styles can hide -- or reveal -- a receding hairline.

Hair systems can also help improve the appearance of thinning hair in the front. These systems are appropriate for both men and women, and are non-invasive procedures that use either natural or synthetic hair that adheres to the existing hair. Men can also opt for a wig or toupee, however, a good quality hairpiece is essential for the hairline to look realistic. In many cases, a receding or thinning hairline looks better than a fake or unnatural looking hairpiece. An experienced hair technician can provide the individual with hair system and hairpiece options.

Styling products designed to add volume and texture to the hair can help thin hair appear thick and full. Products are made for both men and women and are available in different strengths that can add a little volume or a lot. Men may want to opt for a close-to-the-scalp cut when dealing with a thinning hairline. A close cut looks clean and neat, and detracts from thinning hair at the crown or front. Male pattern baldness can also cause hair to thin, and is usually more noticeable on the crown.

Medications can also help both men and women grow hair, and are generally available over the counter. The results take time, and are very gradual, but hair growth generally does occur with continued use. Prior to using topical hair growth preparations, the health care provider should be notified because some of the these products may not be appropriate for use when certain medical conditions are present.

Thinning hair can be caused by genetics, medical conditions and hormonal imbalances.
Thinning hair can be caused by genetics, medical conditions and hormonal imbalances.

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I'm not worried about hair loss at the moment. I am still young and most of the men in my family tend to grow old with a full head of hair. However, I am pleased to read about the advances being made in hair replacement systems.

Should I ever need a little more hair on top, maybe I will be able to get a hair replace system and have my head look natural rather than like a furry animal is sitting on top of it.


@Drental - Unlike you, my father was a very vain man. He prided himself on his looks. People had been telling him he was handsome all of his life, and he depended on his looks to help him out in life. When he started showing signs of aging he did everything he could to turn back the years.

He used to put this sticky greasy stuff on his hair in the front to make it stand up. I guess he thought this was the perfect way to hide his receding hair. He also used dye and shoe polish to hide the grey hairs.

I guess these little tricks made him feel better about the way he looked, but he would have looked less silly if he had just accepted that he was getting older.


I have never considered my self to be a vain person. Most days of my life I have combed my hair once in the morning and not touched it again unless I had plans for the evening, and only then would I would run a comb through my hair a second time. So it is with a little embarrassment that I now read articles to find out how I can make my receding hairline less noticeable to other people.

I know I have been losing my hair gradually for years, but to me it seems like I just woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and the hair was gone. When I was growing up and looking at my father, it never occurred to me that he didn't always have that bald spot. Now I can empathize with what he was going through every time he looked in the mirror.

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