How do I Deal with Hot Tub Leaks?

Patrick Lynch

Hot tub leaks can be difficult to locate and require a lot of investigation to uncover. Virtually every component of the hot tub has the propensity to leak including the pump, fittings, and valves. Each of these must be checked, although tightening of these components may be enough to solve the problem. Hot tubs with PVC pipes can easily develop cracks but can be fixed with Plast-aid®. Should the leak be impossible to find on first inspection, placing some dye in the water should help uncover the cause.

Hot tub leaks can be difficult to locate and require a lot of investigation to uncover.
Hot tub leaks can be difficult to locate and require a lot of investigation to uncover.

One of the most frequent reasons for hot tub leaks involves pump problems. Check underneath the pump for leaking water once the power has been switched off. In the event that the pump is leaking in the hot tub, replace either the pump seal or pump itself.

If the pump is okay, the next step is to have a look at the fittings that surround the pump; these have a habit of coming loose very easily. In fact, even new hot tubs can come with loose fittings that have been compromised during shipping. These fittings should be tightened by hand if possible because they are delicate and can be damaged by a wrench.

Another cause of hot tub leaks are valve-related problems. Valves bolted together by two halves often leak because the gasket in between the halves fail. Some hot tubs have valves installed on both sides of the pump because they allow the pump to be fixed without having to shut off or drain the water. These can sometimes cause leaks, and many hot tub owners remove them when the tub starts to leak.

The rest of the hot tub’s connections should also be thoroughly examined for leaks. It is possible to fix hot tub leaks by merely tightening some loose connections but certain elements like leaking jets will have to be completely replaced. Some hot tubs have PVC type pipes which develop cracks and can be fixed by using a molecular bonding component such as Plast-aidreg;. This substance is designed to become harder than the PVC material and should eliminate hot tub leaks caused by cracked pipes.

In some instances, hot tub leaks cannot be solved through regular investigations. If it is apparent the tub is leaking with no visible leak, place food coloring in the hot tub water. This is extremely effective because it allows the area of the leak to be easily identifiable even if the hot tub area is already wet.

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I just got a jacuzzi tub and I have a leak. I noticed it was coming from the back of a jet, so I stopped using the jets at this point, but when I just take a bath, I still see water leaking, but not from the jet because the back of that jet was dry.

What could be the problem and if a jet leaks while on will it still cause a leak when used as just a bath and not pumping?

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