How do I Deal with Employee Attitude?

G. Wiesen

Dealing with employee attitude, especially when it comes to difficult employees, can be troublesome and is often the source of much anxiety both for newer managers and even more experienced ones. There are several steps that can be taken, however, to make the process somewhat easier and to alleviate some of the stress from managers. For starters, if you are part of a large corporation you should consult the company employee and manager manuals to ensure that any steps you take are within your authority and follow the prescribed practice of the company. You might also consider calling on a human resources (HR) officer to give you assistance or deal with a situation if it falls under HR's authority.

Communications are key when dealing with employees and workplace colleagues.
Communications are key when dealing with employees and workplace colleagues.

Employee attitude, in a negative sense, typically refers to employees who are not motivated to work or who are disrespectful toward customers, co-workers, and management. While employee attitude may not always be a problem, when it is, it can be quite difficult for many managers to handle properly. You should consider what tasks are your responsibility and if you should be the one dealing with a situation. If your company has a person responsible for HR, then he or she may be better equipped for dealing with employee attitude situations and you might want to consult with him or her before moving forward.

Some employees watch the clock and are not engaged in their work.
Some employees watch the clock and are not engaged in their work.

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As you first approach a situation, you may want to consult any available employee or managerial workplace handbooks for the company. If you own your own business, then this may not be available. Most large companies and corporations, however, have extensive paperwork detailing how employee motivation can be handled and what is expected from managers regarding employee attitude. It is usually a good idea to ensure that whatever steps you wish to take are allowed by the company to ensure that you will not be punished for your actions.

One of the key aspects to dealing with issues regarding employee attitude, and just about any other situation with associates or employees, is proper communication. Being able to precisely and effectively convey what it is you are trying to say can be important when dealing with other people, especially employees. If there is a situation with employee attitude that you are aware of and will need to intervene in, it can be helpful for you to rehearse what you want to say. This gives you an opportunity to plan out what you say, so you can be sure that you effectively communicate just what you mean, and reduce the possibility for miscommunications or misunderstandings.

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