How Do I Cut Bangs?

Amy Hunter

The best way to cut bangs for a professional look is to have a pair of sharp scissors and be patient. It is much better to go back several times to shorten the bangs to the preferred length than to cut off too much, and have to wait for it to grow out. Snipping a little at a time also creates a less severe, more natural look.

The shape of one's face should be taken into consideration when cutting bangs.
The shape of one's face should be taken into consideration when cutting bangs.

Do not cut bangs when they are wet. As the hair dries, it will shrink, leaving hair shorter than expected. Start with clean, dry hair for the most control. Pull back everything except for the bangs. Individuals with long hair should first pull it back in a ponytail, then clip stray hairs out of the way with hair clips. For people with short hair, clipping the sides out of the way makes it easier to cut the bangs evenly.

Use a styling comb to comb out the bangs. The teeth of a styling comb are very close, which makes it easy to keep the hairs together when trimming. Work on one half of the bangs at a time.

Run the comb down the section of bangs, with the teeth facing out. Stop when the comb is even with the browbone. Use a pair of sharp scissors to make small cuts at a 45 degree angle in the bangs. Cut below the edge of the comb, not above. For a shaggy, messier look, use a single bladed disposable razor rather than scissors to cut bangs.

For the neatest look and most control, use sharp scissors with blades no longer than 5 inches(13 cm). Scissors from a beauty supply store are perfect for trimming bangs. If this type of scissors is not available, use cuticle trimming scissors. These small scissors allow for greater control, and help prevent mistakes.

Cut bangs in small pieces, never taking off more than 1/4 inch(0.6 cm) at a time. While cutting, start at the center of the forehead, and work towards the ear. Stop trimming between the center and edge of the eyebrow. Cutting beyond the edge of the eyebrows can change the basic look and shape of the entire haircut.

A quick and easy way to cut bangs, when the basic hairstyle is good, but the bangs are just a little long, is to grasp the entire section of bangs in one hand and twist. Use a pair of sharp scissors to blunt cut the bangs. Let go of the bangs and fluff with the fingers. By twisting the bangs, the hair in the center will be shorter, while the hair towards the edges will naturally be longer.

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