How do I Cure a Gassy Stomach?

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When people speak of having a gassy stomach, they could be referring to several different conditions. This term is used to identify such ailments as acid indigestion, acid reflux, upset stomach, heartburn, and general nausea. Regardless of the exact nature of the gassy feeling, there are several different home cures that provide quick relief for different people. While none of these cures work for everyone, there is a good chance at least one will work for you.

Drinking a carbonated beverage is often all that is required to cause the individual to belch and relieve pressure on a gassy stomach. As the pressure escapes, the pain in the tummy begins to subside and any discomfort in the stomach or the esophagus begins to subside. While ginger ale or some other carbonated soda may be used, people who prefer something other than sodas can drink one of the carbonated water beverages that are available in many supermarkets today.


A time-honored way to deal with the pain of a gassy stomach is to mix a small amount of baking soda into a glass of water. For best results, drink the entire contents of the glass down at one time, rather than attempt to sip gradually. In a very short period of time, the combination will provoke one or more loud and extended belches that leave the tummy feeling relieved and no longer ready to explode. Make sure to not use this remedy more than once a week, since there is some anecdotal evidence that the baking soda could reduce the level of potassium in the body if consumed regularly.

Herbs can sometimes be beneficial when dealing with gas. Brewing a tea with herbs such as peppermint, ginger, or garlic may be helpful. A simple fusion made with cayenne pepper and a small amount of hot water also helps to bring relief for many people.

Lying on the left side provides some degree of relief in some instances. This position encourages the acid flow and may help expedite the expulsion of gas through the colon. While the short bout of flatulence may be momentarily unpleasant, the relief from the stomach gas can be significant.

Immersing in a hot bath can sometimes alleviate a stomach ache. Burn a lavender candle or incense while in the tub to help relax your nerves. The combination may help nature take its course and allow the gas to subside.

Along with these home remedies, you may find relief from a gassy stomach by taking an over the counter antacid tablet or liquid. Many of these products are infused with calcium, which may also help soothe the pain of a bloated stomach.

In situations where gas occurs frequently, it is a good idea to consult a physician. The recurring stomach pain may be a sign of a developing health issue that can be treated with ease. Your doctor will know exactly what types of tests to run, and can then help you identify the proper course of treatment based on your individual situation.


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Post 14

If your gas has gotten to the point that it's painful, get in the tub. The second your stomach goes underwater it makes the pain subside pretty fast -- almost instantly, actually. Well, that's what works for me anyway. I can't guarantee it will work for you. But that's my personal experience! This won't cure the problem. It's meant as a fast way to relieve the pain due to gas.

Post 13

@darkqueen678: I recently have been gassy and I don't like that feeling, I want to cure it because if I go in the public and I do that, people will think I am rude and not polite. I heard baking soda works what else works.

Post 12

I've found that taking a probiotic supplement every day can help get rid of intestinal gas. If everything is running smoothly in your digestive system, you shouldn't be experiencing gas or bloating during a normal day.

I used to get gassy a lot, and a friend of mine recommended probiotics, and I've felt better ever since. You can get them at almost any store now, you don't even have to go to a health food store or to an herbalist. And probiotics aren't very expensive, which I think is nice.

Post 11

@anon66463 – Peppermint is awesome at relieving nausea. I use it whenever I feel like vomiting or have a gassy stomach ache.

I like to brew peppermint tea and sip it. If I don't have any on hand, I just suck on a piece of hard peppermint candy or chew peppermint gum.

I once went through a stressful period at work for a couple of months during which I was nauseous every single day. I brought peppermint tea with me and sipped it in the mornings, and it kept me from feeling quite as awful!

Post 10

Foods that cause gas for me are all in the bean family. I've found that bean sprouts cause the most gas, so I have to avoid them.

They taste so good in a stir fry dish, so I am bummed about having to give them up. I don't want to go through that discomfort again, though.

Post 9
I take medications designed to relieve pressure when my stomach is bloated. I swallow them with water.

I also take chewable pills for heartburn whenever I need them. I don't get heartburn too often, but when I do, it is handy to have some antacids with me. They have a slightly metallic taste that I find addictive.

My husband prefers the calcium tablets that are fruit flavored to disguise their extreme chalky texture. I hate them, because they get stuck in my teeth and I can't get that film out of my mouth!

Post 8

When I have a gassy, bloated stomach, I lie flat on my stomach for awhile. This seems to press the gas out of my system.

It feels better than lying on my left side. It applies direct pressure to the whole area, and I get relief within a half hour or so.

Post 7

@SZapper - That's a really good idea. I have a few friends that are lactose intolerant, and they realized it after they gave up dairy for a little while. They were getting really gassy all the time, and noticed if they didn't eat dairy they felt fine.

Post 6

@anon58579 - I've used ginger for gas and bloating, as well as for nausea. I usually buy it in the root form, and make it into a tea. Although I know you can also buy ginger tea in bag form as well. I'm sure that would be equally as effective.

That being said, if you're having gas on a regular basis, you should definitely examine your diet. You might be eating something that is bothering you a lot. One thing I would recommend is to eliminate stuff like beans, grains, preservatives, and dairy from your diet for awhile, and then slowing introduce them back in. Then you can find out if something is bothering your stomach.

Post 5

I find that eating lots of marshmallows really helps gas. Make sure you eat a bunch. This is the best result I have gotten so far.

Post 4

I am from the West Indies and herbal remedies are very common. Garlic and orange peel tea is a great solution to my gassy stomach! Simply place the peel of an orange and about two cloves of garlic in a pot of water and leave to boil. When the water boils, pour into a cup and add two teaspoons of brown sugar. Out will come the gas as the hot tea goes down!

Post 3

I put a drop of peppermint flavoring in cold water and sip on it. It works great most of the time.

Post 2

I know that the herb trick works very well. Even more so, using both carbonated water and herbs hits the spot. I usually combine ginger and ginger ale which is commonly used to cure sea sickness and in my case relieves the pain in my stomach.

Post 1

Has anyone really tried any of these home remedies they are talking about here, other than the 'short bout of flatulence'? Cause, that carbonated water could come in handy on that date in the theater while eating popcorn :)

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