How do I Curb Chocolate Cravings?

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Everyone experiences cravings for sugary foods from time to time, and chocolate is high on the list of favorite sweets for many people. As glucose levels in the bloodstream begin to drop, the body signals the brain to replenish it by inducing sugar cravings and sometimes, specifically chocolate cravings. If chocolate cravings become increasingly frequent or otherwise interfere with your daily life, you should first consult with a medical professional before making any changes to your diet. If it’s your desire to curb the craving that’s increased rather than the craving itself, however, then you can achieve this goal through a combination of dietary and behavioral changes.

One of the simplest steps toward reducing chocolate cravings is to begin taking multi-vitamins on a daily basis. When combined with an overall healthy diet, multi-vitamins help keep levels of nutrients balanced in the body, which can reduce glucose deficiencies, as well as stress levels, that sometimes result in chocolate cravings. As blood sugar levels tend to be lowest in the morning, take action to prevent chocolate cravings at this time by eating a combination of whole grains and fruit, such as whole grain cereal with a banana and orange juice.


If you experience severe cravings for chocolate, take notice of what time they tend to occur, as well as what type of emotional state you’re in at that time. Some people find that chocolate cravings happen independently of their appetite and are instead triggered by feelings of depression, loneliness, or stress. If these feelings occur quite frequently, you should consult with a medical professional or qualified counselor who can help you get to the root source of the feelings causing the chocolate craving. However, if you experience these feelings only occasionally and at a moderate level, try replacing chocolate with another enjoyable item or activity, such as a new book, a movie, or a visit with friends.

Another strategy for curbing a chocolate craving that doesn’t involve depriving yourself of chocolate altogether is to modify the amount and type of chocolate you eat. For example, a granola bar with chocolate chips can curb a chocolate craving without sending your blood sugar skyrocketing. Individually-wrapped breakfast bars can also help kick chocolate cravings, as well as maintain portion control.


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