How Do I Create a Technical Analysis Report?

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A technical analysis report can mean any number of business reports that cover any topic. These reports most often, however, define a review for an individual stock from a stock exchange. Creating a technical analysis report starts with an opening paragraph, sample charts, and time lines for future periods, both short and long term. The information typically focuses on when or why an individual should consider purchasing a stock. Multiple reports may be necessary as technical analysis tends to rely on a stock’s trend over several periods, even years.

The opening paragraphs in a technical analysis report describe the nature of the study and purpose of the stock review. For example, the author may inform others why the stock may be a good purchase at a specific date. Other times, authors may simply be viewing a new stock from a newly public company or a resurging stock from an older company. Either way, the report should introduce the purpose of the analysis and information relating to investing.

Technical analysis makes heavy use of charts to provide decision-making information for purchasing investments. The technical analysis report should include at least one chart that signifies why a stock is a good purchase. Most reports should have more than one chart, however, to provide more background into a stock’s current and historical movements. The charts should indicate upward or downward trends. Those included in the the technical analysis report should match the potential recommendation, such as going long or short on the stock investment.

Time lines are essential in technical analysis charts. Most investors using this method look to capitalize on sometimes short increases or decreases in the stock’s price. Therefore, the report should indicate whether the information relates to a short, intermediate, or long-term time line. Short time lines may be the next three to six months, intermediate time lines six to 12 months, and long-term time lines 12 months or longer. Sufficient support is necessary to provide background data for the time line recommendations.

The creation and dissemination of technical analysis reports can be at just about any time an individual desires to write the report. Authors may need to write reports based on trending stocks, however. For example, if a current stock is becoming a hot trend, an author may need to create a formal technical analysis report. Then, an investor may learn whether a stock is currently a good investment or not.

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