How Do I Create a Kitchen Remodel Budget?

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Remodeling the kitchen is often the dream of any chef faced with a small space, unorganized clutter, or simply dated fittings. Setting a kitchen remodel budget is the first step to ensuring that the right remodel issues are addressed without breaking the bank. In order to create an accurate kitchen remodel budget, it is important to prioritize needs, consider extra costs, try do-it-yourself methods, and make manageable payment plans.

Making a list of priorities is a good way to get started on an accurate kitchen remodel budget. Perhaps the decades-old stove is burning cookies or under-cooking lamb chops, or the cluttered cabinets make it impossible to find anything easily. Making sure the top one or two priorities are taken care of can completely revitalize the usefulness and appeal of a kitchen, even if a total remodel is beyond the budget.


Creating a budget is not as simple as adding up the price of a new microwave or a can of paint. Considering extra costs can help make a budget more accurate and prevent surprise expenses during the remodel. For appliances, be certain to consider delivery and installation fees. For new counter tops, cabinets, and other big remodeling jobs, remember that the cost of labor can add a considerable amount to the total bill. If the kitchen is going to be unusable during the remodel, be sure to consider the extra cost of eating out or renting a hotel room for the duration. Even considering small factors such as sales tax, paintbrushes, and dropcloths can help ensure that the budget stays on target.

To help allocate budgetary resources where they are most needed, look at the priority list to help determine what can be done without professional assistance. While installing counters may be beyond the average homeowner, painting the kitchen, replacing knobs and drawer pulls, and re-papering drawers and cabinets can be easy, fast, and inexpensive do-it-yourself jobs. Removal and transportation of old appliances or fixtures to recycling centers or garbage centers can also be done without assistance, and can allow savings on labor in a kitchen remodel budget.

Once the costs of a kitchen remodel budget are added up, spend some time considering efficient payment plans. If the cost is not going to be paid up front, consider comparison shopping for furnishings or appliances at stores that offer good, low-interest payment plans or delayed repayment dates. Plan to do major shopping during yearly sales, to get the benefit of reduced prices or incentives such as free delivery. Compare the costs of loans versus the terms of refinancing to ensure that extra money is not being sucked away by origin fees or high interest rates.


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