How Do I Create a Free Webcast?

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The first step individuals should take in creating a free webcast is to determine the subject matters they want to cover and the general tone of their presentation. Once the blueprint for the webcast has been laid out, budding webcasters should acquire adequate equipment for recording material. For audio-only webcasts, a good computer microphone with noise reduction features will suffice, while video webcasts will require cameras with decent video recording capabilities. Experts recommend that webcasters invest in video and sound editing software to improve the overall quality of their work.

Individuals should prepare a script relevant to their targeted niche prior to recording — this will make the production appear more professional to audiences, as well as streamline the recording process. Once the material is recorded and edited, users can take advantage of several avenues through which they can share their free webcast. These include personal blogs, video and audio sharing websites, and online streaming services.


Although a handful of free webcasts cover anything under the sun, most successful productions serve a particular niche, such as comedy, investing, or marketing. Experts recommend that individuals who want their free webcast to gain a loyal following find a subject or theme they're comfortable with and are knowledgeable about. Prospective webcasters should then make their shows revolve around those subjects, adding a particular quirk that helps them stand out from other similarly-themed webcasts. Sports fans, for example, can develop a free webcast that talks about sports and deals with it in a unique way, such as presenting parody sketches or offering exclusive interviews with athletes.

Once the general idea behind the free webcast has been determined, webcasters should then make sure their equipment is suitable for their purposes. The cameras used should capture clear, seamless video, and microphones should be able to record noise-free audio while maintaining top sound quality. It often helps to have video and sound editing software installed in the computer to improve the webcast's overall quality. While many successful webcasters learn to edit their own clips, it is not uncommon for individuals to hire third-party editors for this purpose.

Recording the webcast is only one half of the work; webcasters need to ensure that as many representatives of their targeted audience watch or listen to the show. Since a free webcast generates zero direct income, most beginning webcasters opt to upload their clips on free data-sharing and streaming websites like YouTube™ or through free blogging platforms. Individuals who produce free webcasts intended to drive online traffic to a particular site can also host the shows on the website itself; this is most common in webcasts produced by small and large businesses.


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Post 3

@pleonasm - One thing people who are doing this as an advertising tool need to remember is that if you treat it as a form of advertising it isn't going to work. Nobody wants to watch advertising, they just do it in order to watch something else.

You have to provide real, quality information for people to actually want to tune in every week.

That's even more important than having a quality production I would say. I will suffer through a bit of static if the show is telling me something I really want or need to hear about. But no matter how glossy it is if it seems to just want to be selling me something, I wouldn't waste time on it.

Post 2

@pastanaga - It does depend on the purpose of your webcast though. If your intention is to bring people into your website, like a real estate company using free webcasting about real estate to bring in customers to their business, then you aren't going to want to be directing those customers to go and watch the webcasts of your competition.

Post 1

I've noticed that most of the successful webcasts that I watch seem to form an informal network with other people who are creating within the same niche topic. It might seem counter intuitive, since you're all supposedly "selling" the same thing, but with a free product, it's not about trying to be better than others. It's all about just being good enough for people to form an attachment to you.

Because people don't have to choose one free video webcast over another. They can watch multiple ones in a week. And one way they find new ones is by seeing guest stars or shout outs on the ones they already watch.

So try to reach out to the other people who are trying to do the same thing you are.

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