How Do I Create a Feng Shui Cubicle?

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Feng shui principles are meant to create harmony and the flow of good energy in your environment. Many office environments, however, are not designed with feng shui principles in mind. If you would like to create a feng shui cubicle, there are a few adjustments that you might try making to improve the flow of good energy into and through your environment. By placing your desk and chair in a position facing the cubicle entrance, using plants and artwork, adding appropriate light and removing clutter, you might be able to create a better feng shui cubicle.

In feng shui, placing your desk and chair in a position that faces your cubicle entryway is known as the command position. By facing your entranceway, you are allowing yourself to see who enters and to avoid having someone come upon you without your knowledge. If moving your desk and chair is not possible, you still can try to create a feng shui cubicle by placing a mirror that faces the entranceway on the cubicle wall next to you. This allows you to see who might be entering your cubicle.


Plants and artwork are subtle and office-appropriate ways to create a feng shui cubicle. The plants purify the air around you, allowing good energy to flow freely. In addition, if your cubicle is an irregular shape or is filled with angular features, placing plants in these spaces might help prevent bad energy from settling in. Artwork and photographs that create happy thoughts are also good to have in your cubicle. It is important to incorporate these elements naturally within your office cubicle and avoid cluttering the space with excessive plants or pictures.

Fluorescent lighting is not considered appropriate lighting when you are trying to create a feng shui cubicle. You might try bringing in a desk or floor lamp to add some incandescent light to your space. This might help prevent eye strain and create a more warm, friendly environment. When using lamps, ensure that they do not crowd the area but enhance it.

Removing cubicle clutter is another thing that might be done if you would like to create a feng shui cubicle. In feng shui, clutter is viewed as something that breaks the harmony of a space and detracts from efficient work. You might try making use of various storage mechanisms to sort and store your files and paperwork. It also is recommended that any office equipment that is not used on a daily basis should be covered with decorative fabric.


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