How Do I Create a Beauty Mark?

Jillian O Keeffe

A beauty mark is a small mole on the face that is usually above the lips. Usually, the mark, or beauty spot, is associated with glamorous women like Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe. Faking a beauty mark requires only an eyeliner pencil, although eyelash glue and eyeshadow can also be useful.

Marilyn Monroe had a famous beauty mark on her cheek.
Marilyn Monroe had a famous beauty mark on her cheek.

The simplest way to create a beauty mark is to use an eyeliner pencil that is soft enough to leave a mark. The pencil should be a similar color to moles that you already have on your body for the most natural look. This is generally a brown color as black can appear harsh and unnatural. Waterproof liner will last longer than a nonwaterproof version. Liquid eyeliner is also an option.

Moles may be used as a beauty mark.
Moles may be used as a beauty mark.

Choose a spot on your face to place the mark. Typically, a beauty mark is above the lips on one side or below the outside edge of the eye on the cheek. If you happen to have a pimple in one of these areas, you can cover it up with the fake beauty mark. The eyeliner pencil should be sharp and pointed so you get a small, round mark that doesn't smudge easily.

A professional makeup artist may be skilled at creating beauty marks.
A professional makeup artist may be skilled at creating beauty marks.

Push the pencil directly into the skin at the point where you want to make the mark. Then, you can twist the pencil round and round to make the mark darker but not larger. Do not dab the spot over and over in a paint-like fashion. This is more complicated with liquid eyeliner than with a pencil.

If you want to make a beauty spot that appears even more natural than a dark dot on your face, you can place a small dot of eyelash glue onto the area to act as the base for the "mole." Other forms of glue, which are not safe for use on the face, are not appropriate for this. After the glue dot dries over the space of a few minutes, you can then color in the dot with an appropriate shade of eyeshadow using the tip of a soft and narrow brush. You can wet the tip of the brush before dipping it in the shadow for ease of use.

Traditionally, only one beauty mark is present on the face. If you have other moles or large freckles, you can direct all attention to the fake mark by covering up all the other marks with foundation. After you've finished applying the rest of the makeup, remember not to rub the fake beauty spot in case it smudges. If you are sure that a beauty mark suits you, another option is to get one permanently tattooed onto your skin.

Beauty marks might be tattooed permanently on the skin.
Beauty marks might be tattooed permanently on the skin.

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Kajal, which is basically black eyeliner made from ash and almond oil, is best for a beauty mark. I'm from India and it's very common for women and men to make a beauty mark on their face in my country. It's a small black dot that's placed on the cheek, near the mouth or behind the ear. We believe that this mark protects us from nazar, or evil eye. It basically wards off negative energies.

A mother of an infants will make a black dot on the baby's cheek, especially if there are guests coming over. In South India, a bride always has a beauty mark on her cheek on her wedding day.


@turquoise-- I used to have the same problem until I started using a waterproof, liquid eyeliner pen with a fine tip. You can get one from the pharmacy and it works great. It doesn't smudge, lasts all day and you can make any size beauty mark you want.

I don't make a beauty mark every day. I usually sport one for special occasions and especially when I'm wearing red lipstick. It instantly creates a glamorous look.

If you make a beauty mark every day, you may want to speak to a tattoo artist about getting a permanent beauty mark with tattoo. I know a girl who has one.


I use a soft eyeliner pencil to make a beauty mark but it doesn't work well. It smudges and looks very bad. I have to keep checking in the mirror to make sure it looks good. It's also difficult to make a small mark.

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