How Do I Cover Freckles?

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Makeup is usually the best thing to use to cover freckles. Concealer and foundation, for example, can both be used to cover freckles. Pressed or loose powder can also be used, although these types of makeup will usually provide less coverage. Mineral makeup has also become a popular way to cover freckles and facial blemishes. Although it is nearly impossible to completely get rid of freckles, people can takes steps to prevent them.

Concealer is one of the best types of makeup to cover freckles. This thick makeup is usually best for covering a small number of freckles. It can be applied using a small makeup brush or sponge or the tip of a finger. The concealer should then be blended into the rest of the skin.

Foundation is also an option to cover freckles. Depending on how well you want to cover your freckles, you can choose from a heavy to light coverage foundation. To cover freckles completely, you will usually need a foundation that offers heavy coverage. On the other hand, if you want some of your freckles to still show through your makeup, all you should need is a tinted moisturizer.

The color of your foundation is also very important. It should blend in with the color of the skin on your face and neck. Many makeup artists recommend that foundation used to cover freckles should be a shade between the color of your skin and the color of your freckles.


Facial powder can be used over the foundation to help set it and keep it from running. Some powders can also be used alone to cover freckles. Powders alone, however, will usually only provide a small amount of coverage.

Mineral makeup, such as mineral foundation, is another excellent type of makeup used to cover freckles. A small brush can be used to apply mineral concealer or foundation to areas that contain very dark patches of freckles, and the mineral foundation can also be used to cover the entire face. Although it is a bit pricier than other types of foundation, many women seem to prefer mineral foundation. It typically covers facial blemishes and spots better, and it often feels lighter on the skin.

Some people try a number of ways to get rid of freckles, such as rubbing lemon juice on them, but many of these methods result in little to no change. Freckles can be prevented, though. Since sunlight typically causes freckles to appear, experts recommend limiting sun exposure. You should also wear a sunscreen on your face every day to help prevent freckles and sun damage.


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