How do I Convert Mp4 to AVI?

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If you want to convert Mp4 to AVI files then you will typically need to use a program designed for performing such a conversion. Most media playing programs are not designed to handle that type of conversion, so you will need to find a converter program that is specifically capable of handling these two formats. Once you find such a program, which may be free to use or require a licensing fee, then you will be able to convert your files as you see fit. You may also be able to control certain aspects of your file as you convert MP4 to AVI, such as the codecs used and resolution.

To convert Mp4 to AVI you will typically need to find a converter program, which may be found online or purchased on a hard disc. Mp4 and AVI are file types of media with audio and video data. File conversion of media files is typically handled through programs designed as file editors and converters, though not all programs can convert from and to all file types. You should look for a program that specifically converts Mp4 to AVI. Such programs will often be able to convert other file types as well.


Depending on the program you choose, you may be able to download and use the program for free to convert Mp4 to AVI, or you may need to pay a fee. Some programs can also be used on a trial basis, and may only convert a few files for free or place restrictions on the converted file, such as resolution size or the placement of a watermark, while used as a free trial. You should be able to convert Mp4 to AVI quite easily once you have the proper program, however, and most programs require you open or import an Mp4 file, then choose to convert or export it as an AVI file.

A program that can convert Mp4 to AVI will also typically provide you with a number of other options and controls as well. You may be able to select the codec you use while performing the conversion, which can affect which programs and devices you will be able to use with the converted file. Some programs will also allow you to edit the media files you are converting, by combining smaller files into one larger file, or dividing a larger file into several smaller ones. You may also be able to control the resolution size and aspect ratio of a file after you convert Mp4 to AVI, which can be advantageous, as AVI files can have issues displaying certain aspect ratios properly.


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