How do I Convert FLV to DAT?

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Conversion of Flash® video files (FLV) into data files (DAT) requires the use of a program designed to convert one video file type into another. Programs like this are sometimes called codecs or encoding-decoding programs. Codecs are easy to find through an Internet search, but it can be hard sifting through all of the different options. If you want to convert FLV to DAT, you could go with a program that does only that, or you might want a program that can convert a larger variety of media files. There are many possible programs to download or purchase, so find one that both fits your conversion needs, file types and has a comfortable, functional and reliable interface.

FLV files are very popular on the Internet and are used by many video-sharing websites. On your computer, an FLV file can be played only by a program capable of playing it or via the Internet when a plug-in is added to the browser. Flash® videos can be easily created into the form of a slideshow, complete with music, by using a Flash® video creation program.


A variety of file types carry a .DAT extension, because it is used for generic data files, but for video, the .DAT is used for video compact disc (VCD) files. This extension is used to mask the fact that the files are VCD-encoded Moving Picture Experts Group-1 (MPEG-1) files. The reason for this is that a traditional digital versatile disc (DVD) player will not MPEG-1 files.

VCDs are an inexpensive way to burn to disc any video you wish, and they can be used in place of standard DVDs. This is one of the biggest advantages of using a program to convert FLV to DAT. After you convert the files, if you wish to create VCDs, a program that burns them is required. After you convert FLV to DAT and create a VCD, you should be able to play it on your computer or with a DVD player. Most standard DVD players will play VCDs, but some are finicky.

An Internet search should reveal several choices for programs that will convert FLV to DAT, some of which will be free and others that must be purchased. You might choose one or decide to download several in order to test them and see which one works best for you. Be sure to download programs from reputable sites in order to avoid computer viruses.

After downloading a program, be sure to read the instructions for its use. Most of these programs will be very simple to use. You typically will be able to open the program and select the FLV file that you want to convert, or you might be able to drag the FLV file and drop it onto the conversion program in order to select it. After choosing from the potential options that the program provides and identifying where you want the DAT file to be placed on your computer, you should be able to begin the conversion process with a simple click. When the conversion program finishes, the DAT file should be ready to use.


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