How do I Control a Mite Infestation?

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Controlling a mite infestation depends on what kind of mites are causing you problems. If you have dust mites in your home, you may be able to get rid of these by not using organic fabrics as well as eliminating carpet from your living quarters. In the event that scabies mites are your problem, you will probably have to see a doctor for recommendations on either over-the-counter or prescription scabies treatments. Ear mites on your pets can typically be controlled with the use of mineral oil on the insides of their ears. If you have a problem with spider mites in your garden, you may be able to cut down on their numbers with insecticidal soaps or by introducing predatory mites into your garden to prey on them.


Dust mites tend to be a problem primarily for people with allergies. Even though there could be some advantages of using organic fabrics in your home, there is a chance that you might have more of a problem with dust mites because organic materials are not treated with pesticides, so they offer no protection from dust mites. Carpets also provide an ideal environment for dust mites to thrive. If you want to control the dust mite infestation in your home, you may be able to do this by washing your organic linens in hot water regularly, which kills dust mites, or by replacing these linens with the synthetic variety. Replacing your carpet with wood, linoleum, or tile might also help a great deal, but if it is not possible for you to do this, you could benefit from having your carpets shampooed in hot water frequently.

If you have a scabies mite infestation, you will probably have to see a doctor. Scabies mites get just under the surface of the skin, which usually causes unbearable itching. These are often common in areas where people must live in very close quarters with each other. Many doctors recommend the use of sulfur cream to get rid of scabies, and this cream is available over the counter. You might also be given a prescription for a topical medication to kill scabies mites, and your doctor will most likely advise you to thoroughly wash all your clothing, bedding, and towels in very hot water to be sure you've killed all the mites.

Pets are frequently prone to problems with ear mites. If you see your cat or dog continually scratching at his ears, this could be the cause. Mineral oil can be rubbed onto the underside of your pet's ears to kill whatever mites are present. To make the application process easier, you might consider applying it with an eye dropper or some type of syringe. It could be necessary to repeat this process a few times a week until the mites are all gone.

If the plants in your garden appear to have small, yellowish flecks on them, you could have a spider mite infestation. In time, these small mites can cause the leaves to start falling off your plants, which might ultimately result in the death of the plants. Most lawn and garden centers sell insecticidal soap that you can apply to your affected plants for help with getting rid of spider mites. If this soap seems ineffective, you might consider purchasing predatory mites to release in your garden. These small mites will attack and kill the spider mites, but will not feed on your plants. This may be a good option if you are trying to avoid chemical methods of spider mite control in your garden.


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