How do I Connect to an EVDO Network?

Erin J. Hill

In order to connect an Evolution Data Only (EVDO) network you must subscribe to a wireless provider who offers EVDO services and obtain a wireless device with EVDO capabilities. The EVDO network provides users with wireless access to the Internet almost anywhere. This is made possible through a network of towers, as well as by more sophisticated Internet capable phones and laptop computers. By subscribing to EVDO service, you will have access to your email, driving directions, music, and chat without being tied down to your computer.

Subscription-based EVDO networks allow remote broadband Internet access to be transmitted to devices via telecommunications antennas.
Subscription-based EVDO networks allow remote broadband Internet access to be transmitted to devices via telecommunications antennas.

The first step in being able to connect to an EVDO network is finding a wireless provider who offers these services. Not all providers offer EVDO, as some operate their wireless Internet using other networks. Make sure that the wireless company you are considering offers the right one. There are likely many plans to choose from, so don’t be afraid to shop around for the best deal. Most plans offer a specific amount of talk time on your mobile phone along with a set amount of Internet usage per month.

You may want to connect to an EVDO network by simply upgrading the wireless package you have with a current provider. Be sure that your current wireless device has EVDO capabilities, since not all phones are equipped with the right software or features. If the wireless device you are using is not capable of running the EVDO network, you may have to upgrade to a more sophisticated phone or purchase an entirely separate laptop or handheld device.

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If you plan to upgrade your current phone package, you may get a discount on phones or wireless Internet devices if you renew a two-year contract. Other devices may be offered for free, although these are generally the not the most technologically advanced devices available. To ensure that you are choosing the best device for your needs, consider what you intend to use EVDO for most often. If you are running a business, for instance, you may need plenty of office-related applications. Other consumers may only wish to download music, chat with friends, or get driving directions.

Before you commit to a contract, be sure you know what you are getting. Find out what kind of coverage area the company offers to ensure you will be able to connect to an EVDO network anywhere you travel. This information should be available upon request. You also want to be sure you can upgrade your service if you need more time each month for using the Internet, and that your wireless device has all the capabilities you need.

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