How Do I Compare Smartphones?

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A smartphone is different than a traditional cell phone, due to the fact that it usually has more features. Usually more expensive than their more streamlined counterparts, a person that is shopping for a smart phone will have to make sure that the operating system is suitable for their lifestyle. To compare smartphones, the consumer will also have to be knowledgeable of the phone's form factor and cellular network.

Compare smartphones on the functionality of its operating system. If the owner of the smartphone is an avid mobile gamer, then a phone that has connection to an application store will be ideal. For the person who needs to be constantly connected via social networking sites, then a smartphone that has networking capabilities will serve him or her well.

The operating system should also reflect the level of proficiency the person has for mobile devices. Someone who is just starting out with a smartphone will appreciate an operating system that is user-friendly. More seasoned cell phone users will feel right at home with a more technical operating system.


Once the type of operating system is picked, then make sure to compare smart phones on the basis of its form factor. Consumers who text incessantly will feel right at home with a smartphone that has a slideout QWERTY keyboard. More technologically-savvy individuals will appreciate a bar-form smart phone with a touchscreen interface. Flip phones are rapidly being replaced by other form factors, but are easily at home with a person who seeks a more traditional-looking device.

When shopping for a smartphone, make sure to select one that comes packaged with additional equipment. Some smartphone manufacturers will package their phones with additional batteries, back covers, and USB cables for easy connectivity. Even if the additional equipment isn't packaged with the device, it is a good idea to inquire about other helpful devices that can preserve the life of the smartphone, like a screen protector, stylus, or carrying case.

Most smartphones will usually come with a subsidized price from a cellular network. Some networks will offer a steep discount if the person is going to open a new contract or upgrading an old phone to a newer version and renewing a contract. Alternatively, a consumer can purchase a smartphone that is unlocked and not be tied to any particular cellular network. Even though the discount on a smartphone from a network can seem attractive at first glance, the convenience of having an unlocked smartphone that can be operated in various cellular networks can be a viable option for some, especially for international travelers.


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