How do I Claim Dog Bite Compensation?

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If you have sustained a dog bite injury, you should submit a claim for compensation as soon as possible. The first step to getting dog bite compensation is collecting information about the case, such as identification of the owner. You should then report to the proper authorities, which usually includes the police and a dog bite attorney. Additionally, you should learn what you can claim for, from medical costs to lost income as a result of the injuries.

You need to identify the dog's owner if possible, as well as collect contact information, such as an address and phone number. Gather as many details as you can, including whether the dog was on a leash at the time of the attack, and whether the dog has bitten anyone in the past. You should also try to recall or find out what type of dog it was before you go for dog bite compensation, as many areas have strict laws or complete bans on certain breeds. As long as you can prove that the owner was in violation of a local dog restraint law, or has a dog that has bitten someone before, you should have a good chance of getting dog bite compensation.


Immediately following the attack, you should call the police so that you can file a report. Of course, if your injuries are particularly serious, requiring immediate medical attention or rendering you unable to call anyone, a witness or loved one will likely call the local authorities. As you begin to recover, you should try to recall or collect the aforementioned information, and then contact an experienced dog bite attorney so that you can make a claim for dog bite compensation quickly. Keep in mind that even if your injuries are minor, you may end up needing counseling afterward.

The claim that you file can be for a variety of issues, from upfront medical costs to expenses that you will incur in the future as a result of the attack. For example, you can claim damages for pain and suffering due to your injuries, as well as for any scars that you will develop and mental anguish that you may have for years afterward. Many dog bites also cause damage to clothing, shoes, purses, glasses, and more, which you can add to your claim. You can also include the costs of traveling for medical appointments, prescriptions, plastic surgery, and loss of income due to taking time off work to heal. In general, you can claim dog bite compensation for any expenses related to the attack.


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