How Do I Chose the Best Truck Steering Wheel?

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When attempting to choose the best truck steering wheel, several factors must be considered to ensure the right steering wheel is selected for your truck. Depending on the height of your truck, you may rely on your truck steering wheel to aid in pulling yourself into the driver's seat. In this case, you will need to select a steering wheel that is both strong as well as not slippery. For use in a semi truck, the size of the steering wheel is relevant to assist in the power required to turn the wheels. A larger truck steering wheel provides much needed leverage and makes turning the wheels much easier than a small-diameter wheel.

When deciding on a truck steering wheel, it is important to get a unit that not only adds good looks to your truck, but one that aids in the operation and handling of your truck as well. Pickup truck owners often look for a steering wheel that adds to the interior appearance package of the truck and are not concerned with anything beyond that. For four-wheel drive trucks, the steering wheel is often used to pull the driver up into the tall cab of the truck. For this reason, a strong, non-slip steering wheel is required to avoid accidental falls.


Semi-trucks require another set of parameters to meet in order to find the best truck steering wheel. Due to the time spent at the wheel for most truckers, a comfortable grip on a driver's steering wheel may provide relief from hand fatigue. A thick-padded steering wheel grip ring is essential when choosing a truck steering wheel. The vibrations eliminated from passing through the wheel and into the driver's hands can add hours to a driver's day due to the elimination of hand and arm stress. Modern power steering gear has allowed smaller-diameter steering wheels to be used in a semi truck in place of the extremely large-diameter wheels used in earlier trucks.

The best truck steering wheel will not only provide a comfortable grip, but will also be more in line with a pickup steering wheel diameter. This will add comfort due to a lack of stretching to reach both sides of the wheel when turning. A sweat-absorbing cover will also add to the comfort of a truck steering wheel and may prove to the deciding factor when buying a new steering wheel. While wood gives an aesthetic appearance to a truck, it is hard and can be uncomfortable for long drives.


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