How Do I Choose Wedding Decorations on a Budget?

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As the cost of weddings can be significant, many people planning them want to obtain wedding decorations on a budget. Flowers, often a significant part of the decoration budget, can be purchased online and arranged yourself in order to save money. Picking centerpieces made from low-cost but attractive items can also reduce the amount spent. Table linens and lighting are other areas in which a range of pricing options are available.

Flowers are often one of the largest expenses in a wedding budget, as they are commonly used to decorate the reception as well as the ceremony site. One option to provide flowers as wedding decorations on a budget is to do the arrangements yourself. Flowers can be purchased in bulk from online sites, from farmer's markets, or from local flower growers. You and your friends or family can purchase these flowers before the wedding and arrange them yourselves. Although this process takes more time and effort than hiring a florist, it allows you to get the flowers you want at a wholesale price.


There are a number of other ways to use flowers as wedding decorations on a budget. Purchasing silk or plastic flowers could offer cost savings over using fresh flowers. Enhancing your favorite flowers with greenery or other fillers can extend your use of these flowers. If you know of someone else who is getting married at the same venue, you could consider reusing the flower arrangements. Using potted plants instead of cut flowers could also provide a low-cost way to decorate with flowers.

Another aspect of choosing wedding decorations on a budget is to pick cost-effective centerpieces for the tables at the reception. Although many people choose flower arrangements as centerpieces, other options can include candles, crystals, ribbons, or balloons. Often these items can be purchased for reasonable prices at craft stores. A collection of candles artistically arranged on a mirror is a classic combination that adds elegance without significant cost. Another option is to fill a vase with stones, crystals, or colored water to offer decoration without the cost of fresh flowers.

Choosing wedding decorations on a budget might also involve picking sensible options for table linens, glasswear, silverware, and tablecloths. Although many caterers include the cost of renting these items in their fees, not all do this. Be sure to determine whether or not the caterer includes these costs. If you need to provide these wedding decorations yourself, some options include renting them from local vendors, purchasing fabric and making your own tablecloths, or borrowing these items from friends and family.

Providing the best lighting is another aspect of choosing wedding decorations on a budget. Although many venues have lighting already installed, some people choose to enhance this lighting with added elements. Candles can create a romantic setting, and are often available for a low price if purchased in bulk. Christmas lights, or other similar electric lights strung together, can also help set a festive mood. Watch for after-holiday sales to purchase this type of lighting at a low price.


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Post 3

@umbra21 - I think you can still do something really special and unique on a budget though without cutting down to the bare minimum. I would just give myself a lot of lead time and then do everything myself, or with friends.

There are plenty of ideas for wedding decorations on a budget if you go looking for them online. If you plan carefully, you can get a lot done for very little.

The only thing I would add is that if you are truly on a tight budget, be honest with yourself about recycling potential of different items. If you will honestly be able to use it again, or if you absolutely have to have it, then that's fine, but

don't fool yourself that you can, for example, fit yards of white lace into your decorating budget because you'll eventually use it for something else unless you are absolutely certain that you will.

It's not worth blowing your budget on a single day if that means you will go begging for the next two years of your life.

Post 2

@Mor - One of my family members got married for the third time recently and he had a very small ceremony and just asked me to take photos with my digital camera. They had the wedding at their favorite local restaurant which had a little garden area and the wedding decor was basically just a lovely bunch of flowers at each table. They only invited family and I think the most expensive thing in the budget was providing an open bar (although that might be because he was Irish and marrying a Russian lady, so everyone wanted to drink!).

Post 1

When my aunt and uncle got married, they didn't want to spend a lot of money on the ceremony, so one of the things they did was combine the cost of wedding favors and the photographer by providing a few disposable cameras for each table and inviting the guests to record the wedding reception.

It was actually a pretty good idea, because it kept certain guests occupied who might have otherwise been at a loss for something to do. I believe they did have a professional take shots at the actual wedding ceremony though.

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