How do I Choose the Most Effective Marketing Strategy?

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Choosing the most effective marketing strategy for your business depends on several key factors. In order to design a strategy that is successful, you must know who your target audience is, what they want, and the best way to reach them. Along with knowing consumers to target, it is also very important to understand the goods and which services that will be marketed, and how to present them in the most desirable manner. For this reason, designing an effective marketing strategy must be approached in several different steps.

The first phase of any effective marketing strategy has to do with the goods and services that will be offered for sale. What does the product actually do? Can it be used for more than one function? Is it possible to manufacture the product at a cost that allows it to be competitive with similar products already on the market? Unless these questions are addressed first, your marketing strategy will never be as successful as it would have been otherwise.


With your product knowledge firmly established, it is time to define your consumer market or markets. During this phase of designing an effective marketing strategy, focus your attention on identifying what type of consumers are likely to be attracted to the product. In many cases, you may find that the product has appeal to a rather large demographic, as well as some niche markets. Understanding who is likely to buy the product will make it much easier to tailor your marketing efforts in ways that will allow you to connect with the intended audience.

As a final phase of putting together an effective marketing strategy, determine the best ways to reach your target audience. Keep in mind that what works well for one type of product may be completely ineffective for another product. For example, television advertising was an ideal strategy for reaching specific types of consumers in decades past. Today, some of those same consumers are more likely to respond to online marketing strategies, especially if the product can be purchased online rather than in a store. For some situations, direct mail campaigns and print advertising still produce excellent results, while telemarketing may be ideal for other situations.

Coming up with the most effective marketing strategy involves knowing your product and identifying who is most likely to buy the product and the best methods to connect with those buyers. While there are different ways to approach each of these three core phases, no campaign can be successful unless each of these factors is thoroughly and responsibly addressed. By taking the time to explore each of these aspects, you will be well on your way to coming up with a marketing plan that will establish your presence among consumers and lead to a steady generation of sales.


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