How do I Choose the Most Comfortable Slippers?

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Many people choose to wear bedroom slippers around the house. They provide comfort, warmth, and in general help to create an environment where the individual can relax after a long day. Choosing the right house shoes is a subjective process, since different people have differing ideas on what constitutes comfortable shoes for wear around the home. If you are considering the purchase of a new pair of women’s slippers or men’s shoes for around the home, here are some things to think about.

The process of choosing comfortable slippers often begins with the condition of the feet. People who are free of any type of issues such as high insteps, fallen arches, or poor circulation are very fortunate when it comes to selecting from the wide array of house shoes on the market today. When these and other foot conditions are present, it is often necessary to bypass mass-produced house shoes and go for comfortable slippers that help to compensate for the condition.


In order to purchase comfortable slippers for people with pronounced insteps, it is often a good idea to purchase slippers that are less rigid and will stretch to accommodate the larger instep. Ideally, the slippers will still fit the instep snugly but will not pinch or bind. While there are slip-on designs that compensate for this type of physical condition, it is also possible to purchase comfortable slippers that include some type of string lacing that may it possible to adjust the fit to suit the preferences of the individual.

People with wider feet also must look for slippers that provide that extra bit of room in order to be truly comfortable. The wider body of the slipper means the foot is not cramped into a narrow device and is less subject to pinching. A properly fitted slipper also does not restrict blood flow or cause pain, which is very important. Many manufacturers today produce comfortable slippers in at least a few wider sizes, although they are usually priced slightly higher than the typical pair of house slippers.

Cushioning is also an important element of comfortable slippers. The proper amount of cushioning supports the sole of the foot properly, and also helps to hold in warmth while still allowing the feet to breathe. Many less expensive designs skimp on the cushioning, which may not be an issue for anyone who has padded carpeting in the home. However, a low amount of cushioning in the slippers is not acceptable for people who prefer hardwood or tile floors. For them, comfortable slippers must provide that sense of walking on air even when walking across hard surfaces.

Choosing the right pair of comfortable slippers involves knowing what you need in the way of support and size. Fortunately, there are many designs and styles on the market today that coordinate well with pajamas and robes, provide cushioning that is ideal even on hard floor surfaces, and will keep the feet warm even if there is some degree of impaired circulation. Know what your feet need and selecting the right pair of slippers will be an easy task.


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Post 4

I am looking for very good slippers for my mom, who is 93 years old, has hard wood floors, and is having foot pain.

Post 3

I think that the most important part of finding comfortable slippers, whether for women or men, is to try them on in advance if at all possible.

You would never buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first, so why would you do the same thing with slippers, especially since you know that you'll be wearing them so much?

I always try on slippers for at least 15 minutes straight before I buy them, and it has saved me a lot of heartache. Even though the staff sometimes looks at you weird for sitting around wearing slippers in the store, sometimes it's only after a few minutes that you realize something doesn't fit right.

So whether you're looking for the perfect womans slippers for relaxing in the garden or comfortable mens slippers for chilling in front of the TV, follow the rules for buying all comfortable dress items, and try them on first.

Post 2

For me, slippers are one of those things that are worth the investment.

I mean, it's shocking how many people will pony up for comfortable dress shoes, but will still pick a pair of five dollar slippers out of a bin.

I always advise people to invest in comfortable shoes of all kinds, since it can make such a difference in your overall comfortability.

I mean, you wear slippers when you are trying to relax, so in my mind, it's definitely worth investing a little bit of money in getting a comfortable fit.

And besides, if you invest in a good pair, then you can wear them for years instead of having to buy new ones every year. Increased comfort and increased value? Definitely a winning combination in my book.

Post 1

One thing to remember when you're choosing comfortable slippers is to make sure that you get those that are the right width for your feet.

I mean, think about it, if you were looking for a pair of comfortable boots then you would make sure to look for the right width (narrow, wide, etc), but you wouldn't believe how many people don't realize that slippers come in different widths as well.

It really makes such a difference if you get slippers that fit your feet in every aspect, not just the length. For instance, if you need wide slippers, then get wide slippers rather than just big ones -- if you just get the big ones, then they just flop around on your feet, which is not comfortable.

On the other hand, if you simply get small ones for narrow feet, then they can be too tight.

So remember, for true comfortability, keep your foot width in mind!

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