How Do I Choose the Most Comfortable High Heels?

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The most important step when choosing comfortable high heels is to buy a pair that is the right shape, style and size. First, find a pair of shoes that are the correct size, not only in number but also in width. Evaluate the heel to see if it's going to be problematic. Check out the padding on the shoes, especially where the balls of the feet sit. The most important part of choosing high heels is to try them on and walk around to test them out.

One of the worst mistakes to make when trying to find a pair of comfortable high heels is to get the wrong size just because they look good; buy a pair that is the proper size and looks stylish, too. As important as it is to pick the correct number size, it's also important to get them in the right width. Regarding shape, shoes with rounded toes are typically more comfortable than those that are pointed; they let the toes spread out more instead of having them squished.


Typically, the thinner and higher the heel, the less comfortable the shoes are going to be. Thin heels may not bother those who are used to wearing them or who won't be standing on them for a long period of time, but for daily wear, it's usually better to wear thicker heels that are relatively short. The shortest type of heel is called a kitten heel; the tallest and thinnest heels are called stilettos. Wedges usually have solid heels and can be short or tall; the extra material in the heel area provides extra support for the feet, which can be ideal for those looking for an everyday pair of comfortable high heels.

While wearing heels, the weight is placed primarily on the balls of the feet, which means the amount of padding in that area is a factor when choosing comfortable high heels. No padding means the feet are going to start hurting more quickly. For shoes that have little to no padding, there are cushioned additions made specifically for open toe shoes as well as smaller cushions to place in the area where the balls of the feet sit.

The best way to choose comfortable high heels is to try them on and walk around a bit to ensure they fit well. Pay attention to how they feel and fit around the feet as well as how precarious the heels are. The shoes should fit snugly without being too tight, especially around the back of the foot where they can slip off and cause the wearer to slip or trip.


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