How Do I Choose the Hottest Curling Iron?

Alex Tree

The best way to choose the hottest curling iron is to ensure the product packaging states the maximum temperature and that the iron has a digital temperature display. While curling irons without digital temperatures may be as hot or even hotter than those with digital displays, there are no convenient ways to confirm their temperatures. In fact, as curling irons age, their ability to heat well can diminish, but it is not possible to detect the gradual decline until it is significant and no longer curling your hair as well. On the other hand, the hottest curling iron is not necessarily the best one, because heat is damaging to hair and the lowest effective settings should be used for your hair to minimize this damage.

The hottest curling iron may damage hair and cause split ends.
The hottest curling iron may damage hair and cause split ends.

When shopping for the hottest curling iron, look at the manufacturer’s information to discover a device’s minimum and maximum temperatures. Sometimes this information is not easily found online, but made obvious on the product packaging. Either way, you should be able to find the temperatures somewhere, because it is important to maintain healthy hair and often considered vital information to provide to consumers. Everyone’s hair is different and accepts various levels of heat without burning. There are even guidelines on which temperature to use based on hair thickness, but these are not hard rules every person’s hair plays by.

As curling irons age, they may not be able to curl hair as effectively as they once could.
As curling irons age, they may not be able to curl hair as effectively as they once could.

Make sure the curling iron has a digital temperature display. These are most often adjustable, so you can experiment and find the perfect temperature for your hair. Start at the lowest temperature, wait for the device to finish pre-heating, and then use it as you normally would; repeat with new sections of hair until finding the temperature that works best for your hair. Digital temperature displays are also convenient for stylists who need to switch temperatures based on their clients’ hair type. Sensitive curling irons can be adjusted by just 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius) if necessary.

Most people have hair that responds well to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) or below. Using the hottest curling iron found can cause irreversible damage to your hair, especially if used on a regular basis. No matter the temperature used, however, always use a protective heat spray to minimize the damage. These sprays cannot safeguard your hair from all heat damage, but they can provide some protection up to a certain heat level. To maintain healthy hair, properly moisturize it between heat styling in addition to getting routine hair trims to cut away split ends.

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