How do I Choose the Best Yohimbe Dosage?

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When choosing the best yohimbe dosage, it is important to consider research pertaining to the specific condition being treated, experiment with dosages within the accepted dosage index to find the most effective amount to take, and talk with a physician about use of the herb in order to establish a safe regimen. Yohimbe, a herb, is generally well-tolerated by most individuals, but there are some side effects that could lead to the herb being an inappropriate choice for treatment. Choosing a specific supplement that has been proven safe and standardized will ensure the best yohimbe dosage is being used.

Yohimbe, or Pausinystalia Yohimbe, is used to treat several medical conditions like erectile dysfunction and obesity and has applications as a bodybuilding supplement and cognitive stimulant. The bark is made up of about 6 percent active alkaloids, and of this percentage, 10 to 15 percent is the active alkoloid yohimbine. Yohimbine is the substance in yohimbe that is metabolized by the body and produces the desired physiological effects. The herb has an overall stimulating effect on the central nervous system, but differing standardized dosages are recommended for different conditions. Staying within the established therapeutic index, however, will help to establish a regimen that works and does not cause serious side effects.


The herb has a relatively small window between the smallest dose that is effective and a dose that poses health risks like high blood pressure and abdominal pain. Thus, the professional opinion of a physician or certified herbalist is a valuable resource when determining dosage. The therapeutic index of yohimbe dosage is between 5 and 40 mg. Hardly any physiological effects are seen at under 5 mg/dose, but toxicity and detrimental side effects are seen in doses above 40 mg. Research shows that 15 to 30 mg of standardized yohimbe can produce the physiological effects necessary to treat erectile dysfunction in males.

Obesity is shown to respond to a much lower yohimbe dosage, between 10 and 15 mg. Yohimbe treats obesity and helps with bodybuilding goals by blocking specific adrenoreceptors in the body. This small dose of the herb blocking this specific receptor actually stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a powerful fat burner which causes weight loss. Any dosage of yohimbe can cause side effects like rapid heart beat, anxiety, and dizziness, but determining the best dosage of the herb will minimize the risk.


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