How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Ropes?

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Yoga ropes are most commonly used in a style of yoga called Iyengar, named after its founder B.K.S. Iyengar. They are used to hold your body against a wall or to support you during specific yoga movements. To choose the best ropes, you need to find one that is strong enough to support your body but is not too rough on your skin.

The best place to start looking for yoga ropes is a yoga studio that teaches Iyengar yoga, or you can consult an instructor that teaches Iyengar. The studio might not sell the ropes directly to customers, but they may tell you where you can purchase ropes similar to ones they have installed, and an instructor can do the same. Studios that teach other styles might also be able to recommend a rope, as a number of yoga styles do incorporate yoga ropes into their routines.

Another way to look for the best yoga ropes is to check with stores that sell a variety of yoga props, both online and in brick and mortar locations. They might offer several different styles that cover a range of quality and pricing, which can be helpful if you are on a budget or want the top of the line yoga ropes. Stores often sell kits that have all the parts needed to build the entire yoga ropes setup on your wall.


If you are concerned about which brand to buy, check reviews online and in yoga magazines. However, be wary of anonymous reviews online, as they may not be as reputable. Other yoga practitioners are also a good source of information, especially those who have used yoga ropes or have built their own yoga rope setup. Chat rooms on websites that specialize in yoga are a good resource for that kind of information. If you are taking a class, you could also discuss the topic with the instructor as well as other practitioners.

Choosing to build your own yoga rope setup is another option, particularly if you want to save money or use the ropes in a specific way. If you purchase ropes at a hardware or other similar store, ensure that they can support your weight and aren’t too rough. Check online or in yoga books for plans to build a home set, as they will likely make specific recommendations for the right kind of building materials, including the best kinds of yoga ropes to use.


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Post 3

@SteamLouis-- You can definitely set up a wall for yoga with yoga ropes. Just make sure that the ropes are extremely sturdy and that they are perfectly mounted. Some people even stand upside down on the wall using these rope. If the mount breaks or the rope break, the consequences can be very bad. Safety is really the biggest concern when it comes to using ropes in yoga. The rope has to be reliable and able to withstand the body's weight easily.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- No, yoga ropes used for Iyengar yoga are literally ropes mounted on the wall. Students hold onto it with one hand or lie on it during various yoga poses in Iyengar yoga. It supports the poses and makes them easier for beginners. It also makes it easy to do inverted stretches.

Most people don't need to buy yoga ropes because they are available, mounted and ready to go in yoga classes at yoga centers. In fact, I don't know anyone who practices this type of yoga at home. You can definitely do it but you need to know Iyengar yoga well first.

I personally take an Iyengar yoga class a few times a week. The ropes are already mounted on the wall so we don't have to do anything other than use them. I like this type of yoga lot. I think it's easier to do than other types of yoga but the results are very good.

Post 1

Are yoga ropes the same as yoga straps?

I have yoga straps, they came with my beginner's yoga kit. I'm not sure if these are the same ones used for Iyengar yoga though. I'm interested in learning a new type of yoga and Iyengar yoga sounds interesting. I want to learn at home with instructional video if I can.

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