How do I Choose the Best Yoga Mat Cover?

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Choosing the best yoga mat cover can be a difficult task. The right cover offers support, great coverage and a non slip surface. It is also easy to transport, and comfortable to carry. Best of all, the best cover will also extend the life of your yoga mat.

A yoga mat is an important piece of exercise equipment. In fact, if you are disciplined about your yoga practices, it is not just important: a yoga mat is essential, and it is an investment. Like any investment, a yoga mat needs to be protected, and there are two ways to do so. The first is through proper care, and the second way is with the right mat cover. The right cover is multi-functional, and it will not only protect your mat, but it will create the ideal surface for your workouts.

To choose the best cover you must consider which type or style of yoga you practice, and how frequently. Some of the most popular styles of yoga are Bikram, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Kundalini and Power Yoga. As any teacher or advanced student knows, the style of yoga determines the pace. Some styles are fast paced, and others are practiced more for medication.


Once your yoga style is factored into your choice, it is important to consider your personal likes and dislikes. The best yoga mat cover for you should make your space more comfortable. For some people, a simple towel, which is made of natural fibers, works well. But for others an actual mat cover is needed.

Choosing a cover also means considering what type of surface you prefer, and if it is acceptable for the yoga style that you practice. You may find that a filled cotton yoga mat cover is what you enjoy using. This type of cover is soft, absorbent and comfortable. It is ideal for slow-paced yoga classes; however, it can be heavy and difficult to carry.

On the other hand, a thinner material may be your ideal choice for a yoga mat cover. Thin covers are perfect for fast paced workouts. They are absorbent, made of a natural material, and puts a clean layer between you and your mat. Best of all, these covers are machine washable, and they provide a non-slip surface for your yoga workouts.


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Post 6

If you have basic sewing skills you can easily make your own yoga mat cover at home. I find that that yoga mat covers in store are terribly overpriced, unless you get it free with your yoga mat.

All you need is a large piece of fabric that you like, a sewing machine and some sturdy string. Basically you just lay your yoga mat (while it is rolled up) on the fabric and cut enough fabric to make a long pouch. This is very similar to making a pillow case.

Sew up the fabric so you have a long tube with one short-end left open, then sew the string along the remaining opening so you have a pull tie. If you are really innovative you can make it a full sling. This process is simple and cheap.

Post 5

I ended up investing in a very expensive yoga mat after I started taking my classes more seriously. With my classes being a good distance away, it was essential for me to find a good yoga mat cover.

You should try and find a yoga mat cover that is easily washable and made out of a fabric that can breathe easily. Whether anyone likes it or not, sweating on your mat can make it a breeding ground for germs. Even after I clean my mat I am still a bit wary about storing it.

I purchased a 100% cotton yoga mat sling for a cover and it works great. It helps my yoga mat stay dry and goes into the washing machine once a week. So far my yoga mat cover has been holding up great.

Post 4

I've actually never seen anyone using a yoga mat cover. In the classes that I've taken, people have just used those plastic "sticky mats." Those wipe clean and don't require a cover.

I went to one class where everyone used two mats, crossed like a T, so we wouldn't have to move the mats around during class. One of mine had come with an elastic yoga mat strap and I just put it around both of them so I could carry them over my shoulder.

Post 3

Since I practice yoga at home and at the gym, I am always carrying my yoga mat around with me. It was important to me that I had a nice cover to protect the mat and keep it clean.

Finding a cover was easier for me than finding a mat that I really liked. I have tried several of them and finally found a favorite.

I have a light weight eco yoga mat that I absolutely love. It is not heavy and bulky and even though it keeps you from sliding around, you don't feel like your body is sticky when you are sitting on it.

Post 2

One of the best things I bought for my yoga mat are some yoga mat straps. These straps are so economical and are a breeze when it comes to carrying your mat with you to the gym.

They wrap around your mat and you can carry it on your shoulder so your hands are free for other things. They also come is a lot of fun colors and designs to choose from.

Since they are adjustable, they will work whether you have them over the mat alone, or even over a mat and a yoga cover. They only cost a few dollars and have made carrying around my yoga mat so much easier.

Post 1

When I first started yoga, I bought a cheap yoga mat and didn't even have a cover for it. Once I found out how much I enjoyed yoga and would keep at it, I decided to invest in some better products.

I found some bright colored yoga towels that are the same size as a regular yoga mat. These towels also work as a cover for the mat, but the best thing about them is that they don't move when they are on the floor. They work great as a layer between myself and the mat.

When you are practicing yoga the last thing you want to be worried about is sliding all over the floor and these towels help you stay put. They are also machine washable and are very easy to take care of.

I have more than one, so I know there is always a clean one to take with me.

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