How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Kits?

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One of the benefits to doing yoga is that it does not require the purchase of a great deal of special equipment. However, for those new to the practice, or who want to give a thoughtful gift to someone, yoga kits can be a great way to get started. When you are choosing among yoga kits, consider what is included in the kit and whether you need to purchase one that includes an instructional video or not. In general, the most basic yoga kit will simply include a yoga mat, a strap, and one or two blocks; others might add a video, a yoga ball, or extra accessories like a matching water bottle or carrying bag.

If you will be taking classes, you will not need to choose a yoga kit with an instructional video. Otherwise, choose a video that matches your goals for yoga, whether it is to stretch and relax, or to participate in a more vigorous workout. After this, the mat should be the most important consideration when purchasing a yoga kit. Choose a non-slip mat that will stay in place and prevent your hands and feet from sliding if you get sweaty. Eco-friendly mats are a great choice, and are normally made with biodegradable and non-toxic materials.


Newcomers to yoga will often need to use straps and blocks to make modifications to certain postures, as it can be difficult or impossible to get into a posture without causing an injury before the muscles stretch and lengthen. This is why beginner yoga kits often include a simple adjustable strap as well as a foam block or two. More advanced yoga practitioners may choose to use wooden blocks to make it more challenging, but these are rarely included in starter yoga kits. An exercise ball may also be included with certain yoga kits, though these are not really used in traditional yoga.

Whether you are choosing among yoga kits to give a gift, or if you simply want to have matching accessories, you might want to choose one with additional products such as a water bottle and carrying bag. It is certainly a good idea to bring a bottle of water to a yoga class, and a carrying bag can make toting the yoga mat and other items much easier. They are frequently sold in attractive and colorful patterns as well, which some people might enjoy. If you will be traveling and doing yoga, looking for a yoga kit that includes "yoga socks" or gloves for the feet and hands might be a good idea; these feature sticky rubber strips that allow you to do yoga without using a yoga mat.


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Post 3

My yoga starter kit came with a mat, a strap, a block and also a DVD. I think that this is all that one needs to start out. I actually doubt that I will need anything else. I haven't even used the block yet but I might for more advanced poses. It's also nice that there is an instructional CD for those who can't attend classes or prefer to have some instruction even at home.

Post 2

@discographer-- You might also want to get yoga blocks and bolsters. These are additional support equipment for modified yoga poses for those with injuries or limitations. I use bolsters myself because I have a bad back.

If possible, sign her up for a yoga class with a yoga instructor that has worked with similar students before. Even if you get her the best yoga kit, she will need to learn how to do the modified poses so that she doesn't get hurt. In fact, it's a good idea to speak to a yoga instructor first because many yoga centers offer bolsters and blocks in their classes. So you may not need to purchase them at this point. You can purchase them later when your sister has learned the poses and an practice yoga at home.

Post 1

My sister is recovering from an injury. She told me that her doctor is allowing her to start easy exercises now to strengthen her muscles. I want her to take up yoga because I think it will make her stronger and more flexible. Hopefully it will prevent future injuries.

I will be getting a yoga mat of course, along with some yoga ropes to help her for the stretching exercises. I don't want her to hurt herself pushing herself too far. Am I missing, do I need to get anything else?

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