How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Gloves?

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When buying yoga gloves, it's important to choose non-slip gloves with a secure grip. Shop at a store that sells only exercise equipment and yoga accessories, so you may receive qualified assistance. Look for gloves made with the most durable materials that are still comfortable to wear. Compare the range of sizes to be sure you obtain a good fit and try them on, if possible. Never wear old, worn-out, or used yoga gloves for your workout routine, as you could risk injury to your joints.

Yoga gripping gloves are essential for preventing falls from yoga bars and other equipment. When shopping, inspect the yoga gloves carefully. Choose gloves that absorb moisture and perspiration to ensure your personal safety.

Equally important, choose yoga gloves that are supportive to your wrist and finger joints. Look for gloves that are therapeutically designed. A glove with built-in gel supports can relieve pressure on your joints. These inserts are also designed to help prevent injuries caused by repetitive stress.

Start by checking your local sporting goods stores for fitness gloves. The exercise department should sell at least two styles of yoga fitness gloves. If you cannot find a decent pair, look online. Search the Internet for manufacturers that sell a broad selection of yoga and exercise gloves.


Some yoga gloves are designed to be used with an exercise mat, while others may be used without one. If you alternate between using a yoga mat and performing your exercises without one, choose gloves that may be used either way. If you are uncertain which gloves will meet your needs, ask for assistance.

Taking hand measurements may be necessary to obtain the correct fit of your yoga or exercise gloves. It's not a good idea to purchase gloves that are labeled as one-size-fits-all. In addition, yoga or fitness gloves made for men should not be worn by women, as gloves that are too large can be a safety issue.

Consider several factors when choosing yoga fitness gloves. Yoga gloves should cover the hand and wrist, leaving the fingers free for agility. You'll probably want fitness gloves that are low maintenance, so choose a pair that are machine washable. Cost is another thing to consider, and pricing may vary according to where you purchase your exercise gloves. You might get a better deal on yoga and fitness gloves online than at your local retail department store.


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Post 4

I've tried a number of yoga gloves on the market and all of them had a number of issues. I do like the idea of a "grip" glove but the grip is short lived and has no effect after five or six sessions.

I've been using a regular exercise glove by KASP. You can find them on amazon. I like the finger freedom and the wrist support. The glove covers the palm of your hand with an elastic type of material. Very durable and perfect for yoga.

Post 3

If anyone is looking for a great pair of yoga gloves I would suggest trying out a pair of Yoga Paws. These come with matching yoga shoes and pretty much do away with the need for a yoga mat. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

With my Yoga Paws I am able to do my workout without worrying about my mat slipping, or having my hands and feet land in the wrong position. I find that having the gloves and shoes just make your whole workout feel a lot more natural. Plus, you can take them with you anywhere because they are so small and portable. It definitely saves space in your luggage.

Post 2

@Sara007 - I would definitely invest in the yoga gloves, as they are made differently than non-slip weight lifting gloves. Weight lifting gloves are more padded than yoga gloves and I find they make your hands sweat quite a bit more.

The one thing you will notice about yoga gloves is that they are skin tight and have little non-slip dots all over them. It allows you to get a really tight grip on the equipment you'll be using. Most yoga gloves cost around $40 for a good pair, and I think if you are going to keep going to the yoga class they are a good investment. If you buy them online they are usually cheaper than in store.

Post 1

My yoga instructor recently asked us to bring in a pair of non-slip gloves for a class we'll be doing. Do you think I need to buy specific yoga gloves, or can I get away with a pair of ladies weight lifting gloves?

I know that the weight lifting gloves are non-slip and I think they look nice, as I paid quite a bit of money for them. I am really wondering if there are any real differences between them and yoga gloves?

My friend keeps telling me just to use the weight lifting gloves, as she doesn't see the difference, and it would be nice to not have to spend a lot of money again on something I don't really need.

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