How Do I Choose the Best Yacht Trailer?

Patti Kate

When shopping for a yacht trailer, you will have the option of choosing a new or previously owned model. If you choose to buy a used model, inspect the yacht trailer thoroughly for blemishes or defects. Minor dings or surface scratches won't impact the function of your trailer, but major defects might. Choose a yacht trailer that is appropriate for the size of your boat by checking the ratings. Also, the boat trailer you select should be able to support the items and equipment being transported.

Large yachts usually require a tandem-axle boat trailer when transported by car or truck.
Large yachts usually require a tandem-axle boat trailer when transported by car or truck.

For safety, many medium or large yachts may require a tandem-axle boat trailer. These yacht trailers typically feature four large tires, the average size of which is about 15 inches (38.1 centimeters). Trailers with only two tires, or those with smaller wheels may not offer the stability of a tandem-axle model.

A proper yacht trailer should be about 24 inches (61 centimeters) longer than the length of your boat. Do not compromise safety by choosing a trailer that is shorter, even by a small margin. If you are uncertain how to calculate this, ask a boat dealer for guidance.

Various other factors, such as materials that are used in manufacturing the yacht trailer, should be considered as well. You can choose between tubular boxing and aluminum, which are both fine choices, each with specific advantages. When selecting a yacht trailer, inquire about the type of brakes it employs, as this is another essential aspect to consider. Again, it is best to consult with a boat dealer to help you weigh the pros and cons.

Where you buy your yacht trailer should be a major consideration as well. While you might find what appears to be a good deal in the classified section of your local newspaper, these can be misleading. Choosing a reputable dealer who has received good reviews from satisfied customers is a good idea. You might also consider auction sites that specialize in motor vehicles and accessories. Often, you can get a decent deal, but be sure to check seller ratings and feedback, and inquire about a warranty before making your decision.

Although many people do not anticipate accidents while sailing, mishaps on the water occur. Do not assume that all yacht trailers can withstand water damage. Therefore, when choosing your yacht trailer consider one that is capable of being fully submerged in water.

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