How Do I Choose the Best Writing Seminar?

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If you want to improve your writing skills, you may wish to enroll in a writing seminar. With the many different types of writing seminar on offer, however, choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming process. To find a writing seminar that suits your needs, begin by thinking about your writing goals, and decide which type of seminar would best help you meet those goals. Then, research the qualifications of prospective seminar instructors to ensure they have both writing and teaching experience. Finally, choose a seminar which fits your skill level, schedule, and budget.

A writing seminar should help you develop and polish your skills in the specific area of writing which you wish to improve. Thus, before you begin searching for a seminar, take some time to think about your writing goals. If you wish to become a professional writer, a seminar in journalism or technical writing may give you a good introduction to the field. Should you prefer to work on your creative writing skills, consider enrolling in a seminar which covers fiction, poetry, or memoirs.


Instruction quality can have a significant influence over whether a writing seminar is successful or not. Even the most skilled writer may lack the ability to communicate well with students, while an excellent teacher with poor writing skills will likely have little valuable information to impart. Thus, as you research prospective seminars, look into the qualifications of their instructors. An ideal instructor is one with experience in both teaching and the area of writing in which you are interested. Universities and community colleges may post instructor feedback from prior seminar students or have an instructor ranking system.

Should you have substantial writing experience but opt to enroll in a seminar which is geared toward beginners, you will likely be bored. Conversely, if you are a beginner but attempt to take an advanced seminar, you may feel intimidated and discouraged. Therefore, it is important that you consider only writing seminars which closely match your skill level as a writer.

After deciding which type of writing you wish to focus on and narrowing down your seminar choices to those which have capable instructors and are geared to your skill level, make your final selection by considering factors such as schedule and price. If you work full time, for instance, a writing seminar which meets at night or on the weekends may be best. Should you prefer an intensive period of immersion, you might opt for a weekend or week-long retreat-style seminar. Finally, enrollment costs for writing seminars can vary widely, often depending on seminar length and prestige. Consider those options which fit within your budget range, or contact program administrators to find out whether costly seminars offer financial aid.


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