How do I Choose the Best Wrench Organizer?

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You will need to determine what your specific needs are before choosing the best wrench organizer. You should examine what types of wrenches you have, where you want to store them, and whether or not you will be transporting the wrenches regularly. Some wrench organizer models are designed for easy carrying or storage, while others are designed to be used in a fixed spot such as a workshop or garage. If you will be transporting your wrenches at any time, you may want to consider a wrench organizer that folds or rolls up easily but also hangs well or otherwise allows easy access when the organizer is in a garage or workspace.


First consider what types of wrenches you need to organize, and how many wrenches you have. The best wrench organizer will accommodate most of your wrenches, though you may need more than one organizer to accomplish this. Box wrenches often come in sets, and a plastic organizer is very often included with the set; this organizer allows easy access to the wrenches when hanging from a pegboard, though if the organizer is thrown in a toolbox, the wrenches are likely to fall out. A wrench organizer sleeve with individual pouches is best if you plan on throwing your wrenches in a tool box for transport. The sleeve can roll up quite small and can prevent the wrenches from falling out during transport. Some sleeves feature holes reinforced with metal grommets so the sleeve can be hung from pegs or screws at the shop or in the garage.

A pegboard is a great way to organize your wrenches if the tools will be staying in the shop or workspace. Pegboard comes in large sheets that can be cut to specific dimensions, and these thin boards feature a grid of small holes through which pegs can be inserted. Wrenches and other tools can be hung from the pegs, making access to specific tools very easy. This is a great option for people with garages or shops, but it is a permanent solution, so transportation problems will not be solved by pegboard.

An enclosed wrench organizer with specific compartments is a great way to transport a large amount of wrenches. Such an organizer can be quite large, with some as large as a medium or large toolbox. Some toolboxes with individual drawers also make great wrench organizers, though these units can be quite heavy, especially when loaded down with tools.


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