How Do I Choose the Best Wrecker Service?

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When attempting to choose the best wrecker service, it is important to consider several aspects of the towing company. Most wrecker services will have several types of tow vehicles at their disposal in order to accommodate safe towing of nearly any type of vehicle. In addition to being able to accommodate many types of vehicles, it is often best to choose a wrecker service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many garages with wrecker service also offer a discount on towing if the repair work is performed at their site.

Choosing the best wrecker service is nearly as important as selecting the correct doctor. You want to choose someone who you can trust, who is gentle with your vehicle and who will provide a reasonable service for a reasonable fee. Some towing companies are more concerned with quantity than quality. You may wish to avoid a wrecker service that tows vehicles from city lots or is contracted with any type of municipality. These drivers often work on a rate commission and can be more concerned with getting to the next call rather than properly handling your needs.


Both wheel-lift and roll-back tow trucks should be available from the service you choose. This will allow the wrecker to tow or haul nearly any type of vehicle that you may own. The wheel lift is what many people think of when picturing a wrecker. Commonly a heavy-duty truck with a boom and a hydraulic lift on the back, the wrecker simply cradles the drive tires of the towed vehicle and lifts them off of the road. The roll-back is more like a tilting flatbed truck, and it carries the entire vehicle on the wrecker's bed.

If you are choosing from a wrecker service that belongs to the garage that typically works on your vehicle, you can ask if there is a discount on the tow bill if the repairs are done at the same garage. This potential for a discount may help to break a tie between two or more similar companies. It is often the smaller of the wrecker service providers that works the hardest to earn and retain your business. If you have a vintage or collector vehicle, it is wise to drive the vehicle to the wrecker company in advance of needing service to ascertain whether or not the service can handle the vehicle without damaging it.


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