How do I Choose the Best Woven Wooden Blinds?

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There are several factors to consider when selecting woven wooden blinds for the home or office, such as the material used to make the blinds, the type of lift mechanism used, and the custom options available. These types of window blinds are made in vertical as well as horizontal designs, and are suitable for any room, including the living area, kitchen, bath, and office. Wooden blinds are also available in window shutter styles to be applied to the exterior of the home or building, and may be designed only for decoration or as working external shades. Most styles are intended to block unwanted light from the outdoors and provide a certain level of privacy for those inside the structure. They are also made to be attractive and durable.

Woven wooden blinds can be made from a variety of materials, including wood composite resins, exotic woods, and grasses, such as bamboo. The type of material chosen will depend on the window treatment's intended application and location in the building. Bamboo is thought to be one of the most diverse options available as it is incredibly durable, looks attractive, and is resistant to common environmental hazards, such as moisture. Exotic woods and other types of grass are also commonly used in manufacturing these blinds. Questions about these materials can be directed to the store staff or the manufacturer.


Wooden window blinds are also made with different types of lift mechanisms, including the traditional cord mechanism. Much like other types of window blinds, woven wooden blinds are lifted and lowered by pulling on the appropriate side of the cord. Many window treatments are frequently made with a continuous loop cord to ensure the cord does not hang to low, posing a health hazard for children and pets. The cord on these models is made from one piece of material and is operated the same way as the traditional cord system.

Like most types of window treatments, woven wooden blinds can be customized to fit the needs of the client. Most companies offer varying types of edging for the blinds in addition to the client's choice in wood material and color. Blinds are intended to block the light from the outdoors, so wooden blinds can also be ordered with different black out options. Some models are equipped with a standard liner to block the majority of light, and others offer a black liner designed to provide complete light blockage.


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