How do I Choose the Best Worry-Free Wireless Device?

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The first step when looking for the best worry-free wireless device is to make a list of the important features. A wireless device is usually a electronic gadget that works to receive and transmit signals to a computer or other base unit. A great example of a wireless device is a hands-free cell phone ear piece. The ear piece is paired with the cell phone and is able to receive and transmit data without the use of wires.

The most popular features provided with a worry-free wireless device include a simple pairing process, connection security, sturdy design and an extended warranty. Think about how you use technology to determine the best way to prioritize the features. For example, people who are prone to dropping or breaking small electronics should make sturdy design the top priority. Look for a product that will meet current needs and provide good value for the cost.

The technology most commonly used to pair or connect a wireless device to another electronic item is called Bluetooth®. All Bluetooth® devices have adopted a communications standard across all brands to provide a seamless experience. Through a Bluetooth® connection, competing brands can be used together. For example, a Sony® cell phone can be paired with a Samsung® wireless headset. Every major electronic company has adopted the Bluetooth® standards, dramatically increasing the options available to consumers.


The pairing process should be no more than three steps to create a relationship between the wireless device and the base unit. Look for a small button on the back of each devise. Select the button on both devices, so that they are able to search for each other. Once each device has been found, enter the same four-digit code to create a formal connection. Successful pairing is stored in the long-term memory of the device and will be maintained even after the device is turned off.

A worry-free wireless device must encrypt the data being transmitted between the two devices and prevent unauthorized users from creating a pairing relationship. This type of security feature is the only way to protect your data and to avoid having your device hijacked. Look for information about the communication channel used in the brochure before making a purchasing decision.

The standard warranty is 90 days, but a worry-free wireless device should have a minimum of one year of coverage. Take the time to research the length of the warranty and, if necessary, purchase extended coverage. Mass-produced electronics have improved in quality, but the risk of a faulty unit is still higher than for other product categories.


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