How do I Choose the Best Workout Routine?

Pamela Pleasant

Choosing the best workout routine consists of knowing what level of exercise to start with and having specific goals that can be completed. Once these goals have been met, results can usually be observed, but this depends entirely on what areas of the body need the most overall improvement. The best workout routine generally includes exercises that address a specific problem area. When choosing a workout program, it can be beneficial to assess workout limits. All workouts generally begin with stretching and cardio work to increase the heart rate, and they should be performed three times a week.

Push ups can be mixed in with jogs.
Push ups can be mixed in with jogs.

There are numerous types of overall workouts that typically are categorized into groups. This is done so that no matter what physical condition a person is in, he or she can have a series of exercises that can help to strengthen the body. A beginner workout program can include simple exercises that help to enhance the muscles without causing strain or discomfort, while a weight-loss workout will consist of fat burning exercises that help to raise metabolism. The best workout routine starts with choosing the correct workout group for a particular level of exercise.

Crunches are a good workout for the midsection.
Crunches are a good workout for the midsection.

People who choose to workout can sometimes have a specific problem area that needs to be addressed. Along with stretching and cardio exercises, there are exercises that can help to reshape these problem areas. Some of the most common places fat can accumulate are on the abdominal area, the upper thighs, and the buttocks. By incorporating exercises like crunches, leg lifts, and squats, they can help to reduce the fat in these areas. All of these exercises typically have to be performed on a consistent basis for the best workout routine.

All workouts generally begin with stretching.
All workouts generally begin with stretching.

A complete body workout is possibly the best workout routine, but it should only be done three times a week. This allows the muscles to rest, which can be important when it comes to increasing the muscles. The muscles do not grow while working out; they only grow and reshape during a rest period. After a complete body workout, it helps to wait a day before attempting it again.

Dietary guidelines are typically just as important as finding the best workout routine. Eating the right foods can provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients that can boost energy. If weight loss is a concern, combining the best workout routine with a healthy diet is the best choice for success. Adding servings of fruits, vegetables, and fiber can be important while working out, as well.

Leg lifts can help the abdominal area, the upper thighs, and the buttocks.
Leg lifts can help the abdominal area, the upper thighs, and the buttocks.

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@spotiche5- That is a good point. Many people think that they can just jump into an exercise routine without making sure they are in good enough health to begin working out. Checking with a nurse practitioner or exercise physiologist are also options for anyone who wants to get started on getting in shape through exercising.


It is also important to check with your doctor before starting a workout regimen. This is particularly important if you are very out of shape or have health problems such as heart trouble or diabetes.

Only your doctor knows for sure what types of exercises you should and shouldn't do, and the best way for your to ease into a workout program. Seeing your doctor first will also help you to ensure that you don't overdo it at first, or damage any muscles or tendons from doing the wrong types of exercises for your body.

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